Be Kind: Wear & Share Trrtlz

How was everyone's Fourth? Hopefully, you didn't eat too much pie, had the right amount of sun, & saw some stunning firework displays. I mostly stayed by the pool, watched some fireworks, & enjoyed the company of my two dogs-Riley & Bentley.

Recently, I was inspired by both the colorful {various characters/animal} bracelets called, Trrtlz & a post on, The Glitter Guide called '10 Ways To Pay It Forward & Beyond This Summer.'


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& Really, these days-a small act of kindness goes a long way--in the GG article I mentioned, their  random ways to pay-it-forward are so simple yet impactful.

Think smiling {just because}, letting a driver merge in front of you, & offering to take a picture for someone/a couple trying to capture a moment--all really simple things that you can do to pay-it forward--Thanks, GG for composing this list.

Similar suite here-on sale!
Bringing it back to the bracelets you see here--Trrtlz sent me a TON! With the purpose to share & pass along a little compassion/good-will of my very own!
This theory-sharing small gestures- is what the Trrtlz brand is all about-small, simple, colorful, peaceful, & all around good vibes.

You can see more of the Trrtlz brand here & their Instagram @trrtlz 

I have already been passing out handfuls of these bracelets & gifted a few to fellow blogger friends too.

 Now, you can follow me on Instagram @Katelynchef as I will be giving away the rest there--which is why I left the tags on the bracelets.

Giveaway is no way sponsored/affiliated with Instagram Inc. 
Hopefully, your inspired to pay-it-forward today whether its holding the door for the person behind you, offering a smile, or wearing a bit of color on your wrist to remind you it is the little gestures that make your journey meaningful.

See you Monday!



  1. Such a great company!
    xo, Syd

  2. What a great company! These are so cute! And I have that little flamingo floatie fun are those, right?!


    1. Thanks, girl!
      Anything that floats in the pool and looks like a flamingo --I love too!
      haa haa

  3. What a great company! These are so cute! And I have that little flamingo floatie fun are those, right?!


  4. Super cute- and love the striped suit!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. They are really cute! You chose the perfect setting, they look great as an accessory for the beach or pool.

  6. Love the idea of paying it forward! Wish we could see more people doing it more often. It's the simple things in life that simply do mean the most! Love the turtles too. So trendy!

  7. loving these little turtles on the bracelet x
    Yukova Blog

  8. Aw love the meaning behind these bracelets. So many great summer colors too!


  9. I find these bracelets so cute! And the advocacy behind them is simply inspiring :)

    Angelie // Avon Illuminating Face Pearls Review

  10. Super cute! I love the variety!

    Adi xx

  11. What a great concept and company! Those bracelets are adorable!

    Doused In Pink

  12. These bracelets are so cute!

  13. the bracelets look so cute and stylish <3

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