A Blogger's Christmas

Fa la la...la la la. You get the picture, it's Christmas & The Yellow Spectacles is knee deep in tinsel, ribbon, bows, & peppermint sprinkles. Hey, no complaints as these are champagne problems to have.

While these past few weeks, TYS has served up some rather jolly ideas. This week, I thought it would be festive to reach out to other bloggers so they could share a few of their own Christmas traditions/wishes too.

The Yellow Specs reached out to a selection of blogs/bloggers everywhere from, Elise from the blog, Caturday Style to Carly, from the blog,  The College Prepster.

So, here's how it worked out, each blogger who is featured below was asked to answer either:

1. What is your most cherished Holiday memory? 


2. What is one thing you wish to find in your stocking this year?

Festive, fresh, fun, you got! Enjoy their answers & be sure to check out these ladies websites as they have their own Christmas posts going on!

_Elise, Caturday Style. Question No.2:
"I would love to get anything with cats on it. :) I am hoping to get some dainty cat jewelry because like any crazy cat lady I can't have enough cat things. :)"

_Carly, The College Prepster. Question No.2:
"I love getting cute socks in my stocking! It doesn't sound that fun, but I really love all the fun patterns and being able to wear them all winter long!

_Andrea, Instagram @ASliceopi. Question No. 1:

"I think my favorite cherished memory is how me and my siblings would drag our mattresses  to one of our rooms on Christmas Eve, so we could fall asleep watching "Christmas Story" and then all wake up in the same room Christmas Morning! "

_Katie, Instagram @KatieBowHead. Question No. 2: 
"I'm really hoping for at least one or two more pairs of the Shea-Infused Lounge Socks from Bath & Body Works, the ultimate treat for your feet!"

_Tori, Prep for a Day. Question No. 1: 
"My most cherished holiday memory was a Christmas Eve several years ago, when I was about eight.  My family and I had just gotten home from church, and I remember walking into the living room and seeing the tree sparkling and the hearing Christmas music playing.  We all bundled up with hot chocolate and a classic Christmas movie--it was the epitome of a perfect Christmas Eve."

_Bree, The Urban Umbrella. Question No. 1:
"Growing up, my family always wanted the holidays to be extra special. When I was really little they even went so far as to create large boot prints and reindeer footprints (using the end of a broomstick!) in the snow on our balcony so that I really thought Santa had come. The cutest part is that my mum also made a little reindeer collar that "Santa must have forgotten" so that I would have a little holiday memento! I still think of that and smile, though I no longer believe in Santa!"

_Brianne, Scrubs & Sparkle. Question No. 2:
"This year, I have been experimenting with new make-up products. I am guilty of using the same few products day in and day out, so I have been trying to switch it up lately. There are SO many good tutorials out there I figured I might as well try something new. With that being said, I am really hoping to get a Sephora gift card in my stocking or some of these amazing lip stainsI have the Melted Peony shade, but really want to try some of the others!"

_Katelyn, The Yellow Spectacles. Question No.2:
"Santa, I am thinking--rather dreaming of a rose gold & lavender watch that may or may not rhyme with Snapple...just say'in."

_Martha Kay, The North Left Coast. Question No. 1:
My favorite holiday memory is the time I gave my grandpa a Bonzai for Christmas. I only saw him cry twice in his life: when his beloved wife (my grandma) passed away and when I gave him this gift. I don't know what made him so emotional, but thinking he known a lot of thought had gone into it. It was a gift he could cherish, nurture, & keep for life. It was something I had put a lot of thought into knowing he loved to garden to perfection. My deer grandpa is no longer with me, but his face when he opened up his Christmas present will still be one of my favorite memories.   

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! Love, The Yellow Spectacles