Through Parcelly's Specs

A Birthday Treat

 Let me introduce you to Parcelly. Parcelly is the total package {pun intended}. What is Parcelly? Well, if you don't already know be prepared to become so jelly.

Parcelly is the party in your mailbox/not-yo-mamma's care package. Whether you are having a celebration, recovering from a broken heart, or just want to say, hello...Parcelly has a box full of goodies for that {and every} other occasion.

The Yellow Spectacles was able to peak behind the Parcelly lens & see what this new business is up to.

A happy Parcelly recipient, lol 

The Yellow Spectacles: In 5 words or less can you decribe the Parcelly brand?

Parcelly: Fun. Thoughtful. Creative. Relatable & Unique.

TYS: Being a new business, what are you doing to standout in the party/happy mail industry? 

P: Each Parcelly stands out on its own. It's the products inside each Parcelly that differentiates a Parcelly from any other gift box.

They’re curated towards a certain theme and include five “must-have” items that are a perfect mix of cute, witty, and useful! We don’t include an item in a Parcelly if it’s not something we would die to have ourselves. Each personalized card that’s included in a Parcelly is written the exact way I talk to my friends. They’re relatable and just a wee bit cheesy.

 "We want our customers to get excited and giddy over the amount of happiness that gets delivered alongside the Parcelly, when they send these to a friend"-Parcelly. 

TYS: In your opinion, why should everyone be pumped to order a Parcelly package? 
P: First off, by sending someone a Parcelly, you’re sending a celebration straight to their mailbox. How can you not be pumped about that? By ordering a Parcelly, you’re showing someone that you really care! Sure, you could always send a text or an email but that’s not what we’re about. How much more exciting is it to recieve a push-pop confetti, birthday cake flavoured pretzels, a rose gold necklace, “Party of the Year” nail polish, and a “Pre-Party Prep” face mask than a text message? 
We want our customers to get excited and giddy over the amount of happiness that gets delivered alongside the Parcelly, when they send these to a friend. 
 "Each Parcelly has its own personality but the overall Parcelly vibe is a hilarious group of friends that you’ve known your whole life"-Parcelly.

TYS: Do you have any promotions on the horizon for the upcoming holiday season?

P: Heck yes. Our holiday Parcellys will be available on our website around Christmas time. Why plural? Because we’ll have two sizes. We want all of our customers to be able to enjoy our products and gift service, so we’ve created a mini Parcelly as well that will have just as many adorable items but will cost less. Being a student myself, I recognize how expensive shopping can get around Christmas time. Everyone should be able to start the celly! 
Teasers of our holiday packages will be up on our social media platforms soon! {& there will be other exciting surprises too!}

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Join the party--no one likes a party pooper!

Thanks Celly!