Say Hello to: Miniature Plastic Deer. Com

My deer, Moses

Meet Moses. He's tiny. Mighty. Plastic. Has a heart of gold. & Oh yeah, he's a tiny, miniature plastic deer from Miniature Plastic Deer. Com

To understand what I am talking about we have to get down & crafty. There is a new friend in the crafting world--and it's these tiny deer--they look a lot like Moses here.

Moses in Wonderland
So, what gives? Miniature Plastic Deer . Com is an inventive company that is building itself on creativity. All the while, these deer{s} are spreading happiness throughout the realm.

Hmm, they state, "Our goal is to inspire creativity & bring joy into people's lives through our miniature friends"--Miniature Plastic Deer . Com

What's cool {& crafty} about these guys is that they just don't mail you a deer, but each deer has a name & comes in a Craft Kit.

For instance, they have a mini woodland/Mushroom Moss Craft Kit {$8.00} & a snowy Holiday Winter Wonderland Craft Kit.

A Wonderland Kit 
They're good with details
Moses is from their Holiday Winter Wonderland Craft Kit which retails for $24.00.

The kit{s} maybe tiny, but each one is packed with all kinds of little trinkets to make the deer more at home. Awe.

To explain, my kit came with three pine trees, lights & garland, gift boxes, a sled, a tree stump, snow, glitter, & more--mind you, these are all tiny variations.

The overall idea is clever & cute none-the-less. While kits are great seasonal additions to tables & centerpieces they would also make unique stocking stuffers for kids & adults to create together come Christmas morning.

Friend in the Mail!
So, what are yo waiting for? Santa? He's pretty busy, but Miniature Plastic Deer. Com has a little deer just waiting for you to call him home.

They like to stay social with their adopted deers

P.S. You can purchase a herd of miniature deer figurines too for $18.00! F.Y.I.

If you decide to adopt a deer & a craft kit, Miniature Plastic Deer . Com likes to stay in touch...follow them on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter & on Pinterest @MiniatureDeer
Follow me as well on IG {@KatelynChef} to enter to win your own Mini Deer Kit

Moses was pretty pooped after his photo shoot

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  1. I don't think I've ever seen a more creative website; I'm such a sucker for Christmas crafts that I'll probably be hooked!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day