Stop & And Smell the Hydrangeas

Let's just take a moment to look away from our screens (that's funny if you're reading this) to enjoy what maybe summer's most prettiest flower-The Hydrangea. A.K.A My favorite flower. Ever.!

Whether you are stumbling over these colorful blooms outside of a cottage in Maine or in a French botanical Jardin (garden) it's hard not to stop & stare at these chic flowers.

Aside from the pink, white, purple, & blue hydrangeas that grow under my kitchen window seal I am always scouting for hydrangea sighting this time of year.

Hydrangeas are beautiful, but did you know...

  • There are 23 variations of the hydrangea flower, macrophylla is the most commonly known or also known as, The Florist's Hydrangea 
  • Out of the 23 variations only 5 are grown in the USA-They originated in Japan way up in the mountainous regions
  • The hydrangea is the unofficial shabby chic home decor style accent 
  • The blooms represent preservation & everlasting --that's why they make the perfect wedding flowers symbolizing everlasting love
  • Hydrate your hydrangeas! They adore/needs lots of water! 
  • Hydrangeas need acidity in the soil--it is said that planting rusty nails in with the bulbs is one way to customize plant colors & richer petal tones
Early Spring & Fall is the best time to plant theses flowers

With all this chat...snap a few pics of this summer's most beautiful & bountiful hydrangeas blooms...or shop the link below to purchase hydrangeas that will last all year long!