Dog Days of Summer: Colorful Pet Finds

Summer goes to the the best way possible! Dogs deserve to live a creative & colorful life just as we get too.

Having two male yorkies (Riley & Bentley) I am always on the hunt for cool new pet finds. The creative community artisan shop, Etsy always has a vast selection of one-of-a-kind pet collars & leashes. I really love the shops that make Lilly Pulitzer inspired pet gear (Pinkie's Pet Gear, Lilly Duds & Pawsitive Style) are great Etsy shops. {shopping links in the images}

As for doggie duds & accessories PetSmart's line of Martha Stewart Pet Products are always on fleek no matter the season.

What my dogs & I are currently digging from MS is her dog birthday themed line. She has everything from birthday tees & party cake hats.
(By the way, all you well wishers...Riley's 2nd birthday is August 8th ).

Aside from wearable colorful  pet products, there is doggie home decor to take into consideration too. Nothing is worse than having a beautifully decorated studio & dog-gone-it! one frumpy dog bed can spoil the whole look.

There will be no spoiling any home zen when shopping the suave online pet boutique Dog & Crow (The Yellow Spectacles featured the owner, Kate Horseman last summer). Visiting the chic pet fashionista website, Dog-Milk will also scratch your itch to purchase designer dog products & organic pet treats.

So, these duds really give a new meaning to the coined term, Dog Days of Summer{interesting fact!} July 3-August 11 are the hottest summer days rerecorded by the countries near the Mediterranean due the position of the sun and dog star, Sirius. That's woof to know!

Designer pet products, comfy yet posh pet beds, colorful collars, & sweet organic treats truly put the French term Haute into Hot-Dog. Oh well it's only summer once a year! Spoil away!

{Disclaimer:No compensation or products were received in the writing of this article. The content is based solely on the writer's interests & personal taste....AKA just for fun & pet lover's enjoyment.  Product images captured via website, Polyvore. Enjoy!}