Erin & Allie: A.K.A NorthEast Nutmeg

Whether you're relaxing in the bathtub, enjoying an evening dinner, or chatting with your gal pal across the table odds are that there's a candle illuminating your thoughts, feelings, and spirits. No matter the event--big or small a candle is needed to set the mood.

Think about it. There's romantic occasions, festive celebrations, vigilant ceremonies, holidays,calls to worship, birthdays--even the few cherished seconds to ourselves we feel the need to strike a match & light a candle.

Not only is there a daily reason to light a candle, but there is a scent for each too. Meet Erin & Allie--or by their Etsy page--"Two local nutmeggers." Erin & Allie are both owners of the Connecticut based handmade, soy candle business called, NorthEast Nutmeg. This start-up candle business is on fire (excuse the pun) as they continue to grow, make, and sell their 100% soy based products locally supporting their hometown and local jobs.

Photo Cred: Northeastnutmeg IG

You'd be surprised to learn that making and selling their 'fly-off-the-shelves' creations isn't a full-time job. No, Allie is going back to school to become a K-12 science teacher and Erin works as an embryonic stem cell biologist with a focus in neurobiology --both women hold Master Degrees in  BioMolecular Science.

So these gals are indeed both smart and creative--how'd they get into the candle business? Erin was able to sit down with the Yellow Spectacles to explain it all.

These two nutmeggers got their start in November of 2014--and it was by mistake. Erin explains, saying,

"Allie and I have been BFFs for a while and near every week we'd have Pinterest parties on Saturdays. We shared a pin board, pinned crafts we wanted to do, picked the craft that interested us both, and then picked out a recipe to try out at the next party" She continues the story, explaining, "We have made candles together before...We started to make them as Christmas gifts for family and friends, but quickly realized it was something that people might want to actually purchase. We started our Etsy page that weekend!"

Really, the candle start-up's success has been quick out of the gate with their popular scents like Birthday Cake, Unicorn Farts, and Muffin Top to (namedrop a few). You and I may know of NorthEast Nutmeg through Etsy--however, that is not the only place where these ladies sell their goods. Erin explains,

"While Etsy is a great resource it is not the bread and butter of our business. Connecticut is FANTASTIC state for small businesses...our products are featured in 5 different Connecticut businesses and we hope to expand on that over the next year. "

Okay, so you got the gist of what makes these candles standout from others, but we have the skinny on some candle q & a's that you'd love to know.

The Yellow Spectacles:What is your most unique candle scent?

Erin: Unicorn Farts. It's a cotton candy scent-so its not for everyone. We feel like the name and look really sell this candle. It's exclusive to one business in Connecticut--a small bakery called, Get Baked! We do have plans in the works to get it in our Etsy site very soon. So everyone can enjoy it!

TYS:  Easter and Mother's Day is nearing. What do you recommend people fill their gift baskets with?

Erin: We have new scented tea light sampler packs and wax melts that we think are PERFECT for gift baskets. Grab a cute tart warmer or a tea light holder. Also, skip the bottle of wine for a hostess gift--grab a 12 oz candle instead!

TYS: Advice that you may have for beginning entrepreneurs?

Erin: Our No. 1 piece of advice is to network locally. Get in with the movers, growers, and shakers in your area! Barter with people who are good at things you are just ok at and help each other out. Other small business like ourselves have been instrumental in our growth.

TYS: What's next for NorthEast Nutmeg?

Erin: GROWTH. We hope to even be able to create a job for someone in Connecticut  to help us with popup markets and shows! To be able to give back to a state that has done so much for us would be wonderful!

No matter--goods things (and scents) are sure to be on the horizon for these two crafty nutmeggers and their side business, NorthEast Nutmeg. We all can't wait.

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