Kisses From Beijos Events: Party Planning

Beijos (Portuguese) {Noun} Meaning, kisses. Pronounced Bay-joos

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Meet the three creative ladies behind the sunny Californian based event planning service called, Beijos Events. Jacquelyn Kazas, Abby Guido, & Leah Carriger are the innovative owners behind this Cali party planning posse. Together, these women will assist you with all your personal event planning needs--their motto being, "from styling and design, to full coordination, we take care of everything."

The Yellow Spectacles was able to sit down and chat with Jacquelyn about she and her two partner's successful business & how it came to be just that--successful.
The Yellow Specs: Can you tell me a little bit about your website?

Beijos Events: Our site is a place for our clients to connect and see our [past] work. We wanted something that reflected our aesthetic and was bright/fun to look at! Our blog, is our newest addition to our website and we are excited to let our clients follow us and to get to know us more.

TYS: What types of event planing services do you offer?

BE: We mainly do weddings, but have done a lot of bridal/baby showers and corporate events.

TYS: In three words describe Beijos Events.

BE: Creative, Fun, and Collaborative

TYS: So, where did you three decided on the company's name? Beijos.

BE: My dad was born in Portugal and Abby is part Portuguese too. Leah is Mexican and the language is similar. My grandmother always gave me 'beijos' [kisses] so it stems from memory and our culture.

True these ladies add a touch of Latin flavor to their classy soirees, but where do they get their constant stream of ideas from? Jacquelyn was able to answer saying, "We get inspiration from everywhere. From our fashion, travels, and families."

TYS: Can you pick three words to describe the Beijos Customer?

BE: Trusting, Adventurous, and Lovely.

TYS: How have you been able to make your services and blog so well-known?

BE: Social media is an incredible source for us and we have been able to connect with so many clients and business that way. We have also been lucky to have amazing support from multiple blogs that our work was featured on. And of course, just making connections within the industry which have now grown into true friendships.
Beijos Events

TYS: In your opinion, why do you think what you are doing business wise works?

BE: The three of us work really well together and each have different ideas [which can be a challenge at times] but also really exciting and innovative. We are always willing to try something new and have the drive to be constantly creative. It also helps to have amazing support from our families.

TYS: What does 2015 look like for Beijos Events?

BE: 2015 is looking to be very busy and exciting! We have a lot of wedding with some amazing couples. We are continuing to build our blog and to collaborate with vendors.

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  1. Beijos Events is an awesome event planning company. I hired them after watching their previous work on their official website. There planners are very creative. All the events have been arranged so uniquely. Great work!!!