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Summer's My Jam

July 13, 2017

Hey, there sunny babes! LOL, 🌞 I got a question for you...what does the sun drink out of? SUNGLASSES. Okay, bad joke, but I really do πŸ’› summer...I am sure you do too.

BTS Sandals {c/o}
Basically, everything from pink palm prints to bags that are in the shape of a watermelon I love to break out and use for the warm weather days.

Aside from fruity and tropical outfit pairings I also am a fan of sandals in all colors and varieties.

These monogram sandals are from Born to Be Sassy & yes, they say KCA in a fun Lilly inspired pink print.

Quay Sunglasses 

In case you need to know, they run-true-to-size. I am wearing a size 8--they fit perfectly & are super soft.

If you have a rather hilarious {haha} summertime joke leave a comment / the joke the below. πŸ’›


  1. That bag is the cutest!



  2. I love your enthusiasm!!! And your sandals are so pretty, love them a lot!
    Lucie, xx

  3. Everything in this blog post is too cute! Especially the watermelon tote and sandals!

    xo, Nika

  4. Gosh, that watermelon tote is THEEEE cutest thing!! What a great summer find :) Have a great weekend!


  5. I love the monogrammed sandals! But omgosh that big watermelon tote is amazing!!



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