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A Pink Winter Sendoff ft. SGPrep

February 27, 2017

It's winter & if you're like me then you feel the same way...meh Luckily, it's almost over & I am choosing to say, farewell winter in PINK.

Ha, I know some just love the snow, but not me I am a spring & summer {a tad early fall} kinda girl. Which leads me to this post....adding a bit of pink into your final days of winter wear.

If you're an all black person in the winter can I suggest you add a bit of color with your hats, gloves, & accessories? You know, it's never a bad thing {as Kay Thompson famously said} to "Think PINK!''


My sweater is from Southern Girl Prep 🐩  & this hat style is similar. See more pink-winter fun on my IG @Katlynchef

Up to Snow-Good

A Blogger Fave: LuMee Case

February 23, 2017

The prospect of spring's arrival {the flowers really!} lights me up with such excitement! Speaking of lights, I wanted to share a {recently purchased} blogging tool that I really do love--my first LuMee case--OMG--I love this case SO much!

For anyone/blogger who takes photos with their phone this case is really a game changer--for me, the smart lighting {that's dimable} surrounding the phone's face is so smart as it gives you perfect picture snapping light.

Plus, I thought the case would be rather heavy, but it's really light and sleek altogether. LuMee didn't send me this to try, I actually purchased it myself out of curiosity and when it's time to upgrade my phone I'll be buying another. I hear they have a new kind with a light on the back of the case--you know, to up your flat lay game.

Tell, me below if you have any favored blogging tools/items!

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Pretty as a Portrait ft. Emily Stanbury

February 20, 2017

Not too long ago, I mentioned always loving two things--dalmatians & stationary. Well, there is a third-prints & illustrations. There is something so fun, whimsical, as well as unique that I find in illustrations done by artists.

Emily Stanbury--an illustrator/children book illustrator from England is one of my favorites. Aside from her sketches, she does for publication you can commission her for custom work too!

Emily's Flower Observation Studies 🌷🌸

You'll remember Emily's art from my past summer's Royal Artwork post & she was kind enough to doodle up a print that even includes, Riley my Yorkie.

Emily Stanbury
If you're not already, follow Emily on Twitter for a daily dose of creativity & see more of her work here.  

Pop of Color

February 16, 2017

Hey, February! On the inside rather retail side, you're a pretty month full of pops of pink, red, white, and of course, sparkle. On the outside, however, it's pretty bleak. Thus the reason why I am sporting a bright all-weather coat with a few fun accessories. Now, who's with me?

Whale Tale Cap via Chappy Happy

Tassel n' Charm Bracelet via Southern Girl Prep  ↴

Pink n' Navy Watch via Port of McCall

Stay Happy! -Chappy Happy-

DIY Valentine's ft Munki Munki

February 13, 2017

Happy Valentines Day--Almost! If you're a crafty person like myself & you enjoy DIYing your own V-Day cards instead of buying one you're in luck as this post is for you!

You'll notice the cutest whale nightshirt in the photos--it's from Munki Munki called Deep Sea Whales Jersey Long Sleeve Split Neck Nightshirt. 🐳 🐳

Munki Munki Nightshirt 


I hope you'll be inspired by the photos to make your own Happy Heart Day Cards as I kept with a nautical theme {can you guess why?} 🐋


Be sure to follow me on Instagram @katelynchef to see how you can get a Valentine from me!

Whaley Good Links ft. Painted Fox

February 9, 2017

By now, you'll notice at least once a month, I share a few of my latest articles that I have had published on the web.

Painted Fox/Whale of a Tale 🐋

Without further ado here are a few:

Martha Stewart:

1. This Adult Coloring App Let's You Recreate Magical Fairytales  {for Disney lovers}

2. You Can Help Knit Giant Sweaters for Rescued Elephants  {for animal lovers}

3. Watch How This 5,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Forms a Perfect Rainbow {for color lovers}

Brit + Co: 

1. 9 Kid (and Adult) Approved Home Forts You Need This Winter  {for those who are creative}

2. 12 Home Gym Essentials That Will Actually Fit In With Your Decor {for work-out enthusiasts}

& if you're wondering about the whale weathervane it's from Painted Fox--which is literally an online {one-stop shop} destination for all your home decor/home accents needs.

Thank you for reading!

Seeing Spots ft. Sequins & Lipstick Paper Co.

February 6, 2017

Ever since I can remember I have LOVED two things--Dalmatians & stationary/cardstock. Odd pairing, but as time goes on my love/passion/slight infatuation really hasn't wavered. ❤

❤Sunday Funday Cozy & Sequins & Lipstick party cups 
So, it's pretty fun when I can combine the two in one post. I was inspired to do so with the lucite monogram tray made for me by Tammy the crafty lady behind, Sequins & Lipstick.

Thank You, Tammy, for Sponsoring this post!

Monogram Tray/Polka Dots
Seriously, Tammy's designs from party & bedside trays, cards, jewelry, partywear to other fun products are both creative & vibrant. & just a quick example to show how versatile her shop is you can customize your selections {like the tray for example} from the color, size, font, pattern, & so on.

Be sure to check Sequins & Lipstick out. & Follow her on her social feeds-❤❤- Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter  

Relax & Un-Box with PopSugar Must Have Box

February 2, 2017

No lie, there are times when I've had enough screen-time & I am guessing you can relate. While I have never done a 'digital detox' {yet} I do realize the importance of knowing when to turn off my phone/computer & just take a sec.

PopSugar Sent me this box to try #sponsored 

PopSugar Must Have Box 
The January box from PopSugar Must Have --a monthly subscription box--was a helpful reminder as it was chalked full of relaxing & renewing items. You know, things to put you in a zen state-of-mind.

To see all of the box goodies {aside from my pictures 😋 } you can do so here.

The monthly box is $39.95 --but use can use code SHOP5 for a $5 discount on your first purchase.

Be sure to use #MustHaveBox on Instagram tagging @Popsugarmh

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