Three Ways to Celebrate the Winter Solstice

Three Ways to Celebrate the Winter Solstice 

December 21st, the shortest day & the longest night. December 21st, also known as Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year making it, of course, the longest night. Gradually after the 21st, the days begin to lengthen, little by little until we reach the Summer Solstice in June. 

While many give no regard to Winter Solstice, this day as well as a spiritual holiday in many ways is a wonderful way to welcome a new season of living into your daily routine, reflect on how you want to carry on well into the summer solstice, as well as celebrate light & give-back to nature. 

Light, nature, & self-reflection are three ways you can commemorate Winter Solstice where you dwell. Here are a few festive ways to get cozy & celebrate the arrival of Winter Solstice. 

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Light for Winter Solstice 


If you're a fan of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or have seen Beauty & the Beast's Enchanted Christmas, you'll be aware of the Yule Log tradition. Buring a Yule log for the holiday season or just on Winter Solstice is a time-honored tradition that one can bring to their home. 

For some, burning a Yule log may not be possible, but you can, of course, bake one.  Baking a cake known as La Bûche de Noël is a French Tradition where the family bakes a cake that resembles a real Yule Log. They eat a slice leading up to the 12 Nights of Christmas. It is tradition if any cake is left, you have to save it for next Christmas. 

Studying French culture in college, La Bûche de Noël was one of my favorite French traditions to learn about.  Of course, light being the key theme in celebrating Winter Solstice, one can carry light by creating lit altered in their homes with various height candles arranged in a circular shape. To play it safe & allow light to carry on into the night, battery-operated candles are a great solution! 


What draws me to Winter Solstice is the deep connection to nature. In ancient times, wreaths of juniper, pine, & other evergreens were made to celebrate as well as hold spiritual beliefs.  I love fresh pine & decorating with it during the holidays as well as winter is a festive way to celebrate. 

Since nature has such a rooted connection with the Solstice, giving back to nature {picking up trash, planting a tree, making a home recycling bin} are other ways to commemorate December 21st. 

Folks can even craft pinecone bird feeders or other nature-made/sustainable crafts to give as gifts. 

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Winter Solstice Traditions 

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Spiritual Well-Being 

Meditation & self-reflection is another token to celebrate Winter Solstice. While not everyone meditates, taking advantage of the darkness to ponder your thoughts, reflect, maybe journal are ways to cleanse your mind & unwind. 

It's also good to take this as a time to begin to slow down. Winter is a slower season as the holidays will be over soon enough. Sometimes, enjoying things at a slower pace is a good thing. If you're a bit cold about that idea, I am sure you'll warm up to it. 

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Winter Solstice Celebrations