In the Blue: The Truth About Blue Light Blocking Glasses

In the Blue: The Truth About Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Writers, photographers, content creators, videographers, & others who work in the creative industry share a lot in common. We all share the daily desire to push boundaries, creating captivating visuals, pen stories that flow like honey, and not we forget the contestant urge to inspire.

Creating is what we do--it's endless. However, creatives also share something else—lots (and lots) of screen time. Whether we are scrolling through our social feeds, editing videos, writing posts, answering the daily grind of emails, and scheduling content for the upcoming days, screen time really adds up!

Needless to say, headaches, as well as dry and tired eyes, are a given in this industry. In fact, the tech that we love {and use} so much is actually harming our eyes by emitting blue light. Some even speculate that this constant blue light absorption can harm our retinal cells over the course of time—yikes!

Luckily, there is a blue light blocking solution. You have probably heard about {ahem, seen} the solution known as blue light glasses. Today, blue light blocking glasses are definitely trending on Instagram and in retail.

Blue light glasses, available in both prescription and non-prescription lens seem like the stylish solution to preventing retinal cell damage as well as preventing digital eye strain—hooray!

Okay, these sound wonderful in theory, but are they effective? The Yellow Spectacles spoke exclusively with Phonetic Computer Eyewear who pride themselves in creative fashion-forward computer eyewear that erases the symptoms {and protects the eyes} from electronic blue lights.   

Taylor Akens, at Phonetic Eyewear, shed light {no pun intended} on the blue light blocking glasses trend. She says, “In today’s technological world, we are constantly spending hours in front of a digital device whether it’s our phone, tablet, TV or computer. Headaches, blurred vision, and neck pain are all symptoms of digital eye strain which is caused by excessive device usage.”

Taylor continues, “That’s where Phonetic Eyewear comes in. Our goal is to create stylish glasses that don’t lack substance.” What makes blue light glasses so special, as well as effective, is the lenses that filter out the blue light before it reaches your eye."

Phonetic as well as other blue light glasses can come in prescription & non-prescription. Taylor tells the magazine, “Phonetic lenses are created with an anti-reflective coating that helps reflect approximately 35-50% of the blue light that is emitted from our screens.”

Pretty neat, right?

So the trend about blue light glasses is that they are not a trend, but an actually necessary for those living, working and creating in our modern world. Taylor shares, “Our glasses definitely make a fashion statement but they also can potentially benefit you in the long run! Our glasses make the perfect accessory but are also helping alleviate discomforts one might feel after spending hours in front of the screen!”

She continues the thought, saying, “We also like to say, if you have to be staring at a screen all day whether it is for work or not, you mine as well as help yourself in the long run and look great while doing so!”

Like many who wear blue light glasses, Taylor shares that most see and feel a difference in a few wears.

Now, we’re all free to see and create.

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