Build Your Dream Dorm Bed: Dorm Bedding Essentials

Dorm Bedding Essentials 

It's that time of year, back-to-school-& the start of school for many college freshmen. I wanted to write this 'build your dorm dream bed' post particularly for upcoming college students who really don't know what to expect when it's time to move into the dorms.

Before I dive into the content of what goes into building a dorm bed, I want to say, I lived in a dorm {it was an old inn converted into a dorm} all four years at college.

After two {nightmarish} failed roommate attempts my first semester, I lived in a single then after & highly recommend if that is an option for you.

My biggest piece of advice to any freshmen living in a dorm is to not overbuy for your new space! With retailers & influencers ramping up their sales/posts about all the back-to-school decor it is so easy to get carried away with decorations & extra amenities.

However, you really won't know what will work until you get there & just how little of space {more-than-likely} will have. Save your money for other amenities & necessities. Invest in a chair to chill in, something cute to hang on your wall, & possibly a light--don't go crazy.

Now for the bedding, college beds are tricky in size as they are often a Twin XL & every retailer pretty much has that specific size to accommodate dorms. I say, two sets of sheets are plenty--this way, you'll always have a clean pair & you won't clutter up your limited storage space with extra sheets.

Since these dorm mattresses have been around, buying a full zipped mattress cover is great to stay germ-free. My mom & I always spray sanitized the mattress before enclosing--pro-tip!

The mattress may not be the most comfortable, but that is totally fixable. As you build your bed {the zipper mattress cover first} adding a plush/foam mattress topper to go underneath your sheets will add a cushion for a peaceful night's sleep. You can then, add a mattress topper over that & then your sheets--for even more cushion. 

Of course, a Twin-XL blanket {sherpa fabric is the best} is needed to make the bed feel more like home. Buying your college dorm quilt/comforter is always the best part as adding that final touch turns this random bed into your new home away from home!

I found all of my items in this post at Target--if you're looking for a one-stop-shop!


1. Sherpa Bed Blanket--Room Essentials {Target}

2. 2'' Copper Infused Wave Foam Mattress Topper {Target}

3. Velvet Tufted Stitch Quilt, Twin XL OpalHouse {Target}

4. Faux Fur Body Pillow--OpalHouse {Target}

5. Solid Percale Cotton Sheet Set--OpalHouse {Target}

Good luck Class of 2024! You'll do great things!

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