Spread the Newsie: Blog & Life Update: Newsletter Launch!

Blog & Life Update: Newsletter Launch!

With a happy heart, I can say, Happy March! Are you with me? Spring technically starts later this month, & hopefully, milder weather & flowers start to get the memo. 💛

Blog & Life Update--I teased it in the header, yes! New changes have come to The Yellow Spectacles--All good things!

Let's start with the most obvious, the blog's new-fresh look she's a little more 'demure' with an emphasis on organizing my content into more searchable categories:

The Blog Topic Break-Down 

  • Writing with a sub-focus on Blogging & Writer's Life 
  • Lifestyle with a sub-focus on Travel & Gift Guides
  • Home with a sub-focus on Home Decor & Holidays
  • Style with a sub-focus on Everyday Style & Special Occasion Style   
With the change & narrowing in on what my content covers as well as represents I have come to the conclusion that The Yellow Spectacles is for the modern-day creative & hustling woman.

Let's call her,  {The Yellow Spectacle Reader} Eloise. Eloise is creatively curious about her surrounding as she views the world bright-eyed & open-minded to finding inspiration in any surrounding. 

In her every day, there's just a flare of femininity, a pop of color, & a brush of positivity. Eloise is a go-getter who shares her honest truth with friends & followers as she experiences the ups & downs of life with a positive affirmation & a creative spirit. Eloise does not discriminate against any color, but buttercup yellow is a hue she'll always be partial too. 💛

Ideally, what Eloise represents is the type of blog reader I strive to share my creative story with via my vessel, The Yellow Spectacles.  After listening to Danielle Gervino's Podcast, I took her advice to really narrow in on who my readers are & what I want them to take away from my space here. 

Free People Bodysuit 

Content & Scheduling 

The blog looks aside, My content calendar & scheduling has changed! Readers can expect a new blog post every Monday of the Month! Each Monday, I'll cover one of my blogging focuses & sub-focuses above. For example, next Monday, readers will get a very detailed blogging post all about writing the perfect Instagram caption as well as ways to boost your Instagram engagement. 


Obviously, I don't want you to miss a post. The Yellow Spectacles is launching a once-per-month  Newsletter. Here, subscribers will get the rundown of what posts are going live that month as well as exclusive content & discount codes.

The Yellow Spectacle newsletter launches in April 2019!

The month of April {1st newsletter}, Subscribers will receive a special discount code to a box of ever-lasting-roses from Rose Box NYC! These are the luxe roses that last 365 days! 

Also, each month, I will have a calendar for you to save & use on your mobile & desktop featuring a photo I have taken the month prior. Hint, it's roses to match my collaboration with Rose Box NYC.. 

Subscribe Here


You'll also note changes in my editing of photos. While I am still working on what brighter edits I want to use on interior decor photos, my overall aesthetic is lightening up a bit. The end of the month, I am sharing a bit about what has been influencing my spring style--stay tuned! 

& That's it for now! I hope you're inspired by the re-brand of The Yellow Spectacles Blog & you'll get on the Newsletter list!    

Thank you, Next! 

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  1. Love all the new changes!! Somethin fresh for spring and it's GREAT!! Have a great week!
    - MEG | livingasunnylife.com

  2. This is all so exciting!! Congratulations, girl! Can't wait to see what's in store for us readers!



  3. you are too good always with trendy looks and spectacular blog post. Loved your post :)

    Prabhu - have a nice day :)