Screen Spectacles: Where To Buy Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Where To Buy Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

Screentime--face it it is a lot of our time! As we're always looking at our computers, tablets, phones, & TVs our eyes are taking a bit of a strain.

Also, if you're reading on your device before bed, the blue light blocking lenses are supposed to help with the inability of not being able to sleep while looking at screens right before bedtime.

Personally, since I have started wearing {perscrition} blue light blocking lenses in my glasses I notice a difference between my digital lenses and non-digital glasses. Plus, blue light glasses are also anti-computer glare glasses too.

Basically, the easiest way I can put it into words is when I am wearing blue light blocking glasses, I feel as if something is hugging/protecting my eyes. It just feels soothing! Plus, it is another great way to add a pop of style to your daily look!

Below I am sharing places to buy both prescription & non-prescription screen protective glasses.

Where to Buy Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

  • Pixel Eyewear  {Never bought from them, but they have some great frames options} 
  • MVMT 'Eye Scroll' Blue Light Blocking Glasses {They have an affordable stylish selection}
  • Felix Gray {Non-Perscrition Options}
  • Amazon {This particular brand, TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses got good reviews. Plus, this clear pink pair is adorable} 

These Glasses are from Eye Buy Direct with Blue Blocking Lens 

Where to Buy Prescription Blue Light Blocking Glasses:

& That's just the tip of the screen protective glasses iceberg. Hopefully, you've found this helpful. Personally, I love the blue/purple tint when the light hits my blue light lenses just so--it's so cool, ha!

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  1. Just subscribed to your newsletter (not sure how I wasn't before) and I neeeed these glasses! Yours look so cute on you and the blogger life really makes them a necessity! I can't see anything far away + really need to get my eyes checked soon! I'll definitely make sure to get blue light ones! I hope you had a great Monday!
    - MEG |

    1. lol I cannot see anything at a distance either--and thank you so much!!! love you, meg!--Katelyn

  2. Love the Amazon clear pink pair. I didn't know they sold those!