How to Make the Most Out of a Hygge Day: Get Cozy

How to Make the Most Out of a Hygge Day: Get Cozy 

It's Hygge week on the blog! With January roaring on & my sunny Florida-inspired posts complete it's time to get cozy & hygge like a true Scandinavian.

Hygge is the Danish living art form of being present with the 'now'  as well as appreciating the little things in life. Here, we have taken hygge & ran with it as a way to embrace everything comfy & cozy. AKA faux fur, sherpa, cozy socks, & comfy clothes.

How to Hygge 

AllBirds Tree Toppers

Here's how-to-make the most out of a hygge day:

  • Throw on a chunky sweater 
  • Brew a hot cup of coffee & indulge with a spot of cream & a crunchy biscotti  
  • Unplug from social media & grab a book & find a warm reading nook 
  • Take a brisk afternoon walk in the snow {or cold} look around--stay in the now 
  • Lunchtime! A warm cup of French Onion Soup with extra gooey melted cheese 
  • Two layers of sherpa socks are better than one 
  • Flick on the copper fairy lights & light those winter candles 
  • Build a pillow fort--pretend it's a log cabin 
  • Netflix & Chill! 

Warm creamy coffee makes for a perfect hygge treat 
I also feel like my shoes, the Allbirds wool runners/ tree toppers are very hygge as well. They're made entirely from plants & wool--that's kinda of crazy to think about, but also very cool!

Also, f you're seeking more ways to 'hygge' I wrote an article called, How to Hygge Like a True Scandinavian for Metro.US. You can read that here.   

Shop my Allbirds wool runners below:


  1. Your photos are always so stinkin' cute girl and you have such creative blog posts! Love this one!

    Do you have a link to that adorable mug that I missed? Happy Monday!

    Juliana Grace |

    1. It's a paper cup a la TJ Max at the holidays! sorry-no link!! xxx