Dressed to Chill: 4 Stylish Tips for Winter Layers

Dressed to Chill: 4 Stylish Tips for Winter Layers 

When the temps drop {ahem, plummet} it's hard not to wear anything other than your long down feather black puffer jacket, UGGs, & beanie.

However, if you're a fashion blogger or have a need to actually dress up in the winter months {gasps!} you'll want to make the most out of winter style by styling your outfit appropriately.

Here are some of my go-to's when it comes to winter style & winter layers. I start with the under-most layers & work my way up & out!

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Thermal tops & long sleeve turtleneck/ mock-neck tops!

Starting with these under your outfit is smart & stylish. They're thin enough to leave room for additional layers but warm enough to give you warmth when venturing out as well as add a whole new dimension to your winter style. 

Sweater leggings. 

We are past bare legs & sheer tights--it's cold! Thicker sweater leggings & high cut socks {think over-the-knee} are winter style go-to's. Also, thicker stockings & sweater tights are very on-trend for winter.

Puffer vests.

You can never have too many vests--they go hand-in-hand with every season & are super easy to style. Adding my stripe vest here was the last thing I put on--stripes {even with plaid} I feel that they go with everything.


Beanies & chunky knit hats are your winter trend best friend. They instantly upgrade any winter outfit from cute to snow-ski-bunny cute in moments. Personally, I say the chunkier the knit the cuter the look!

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Winter Style: Cozy Layers!

Cozy Style 

Love Your Melon Blanket: Knit {c/o}

I hope this helps with your winter layering! Stay inspired, friends.