Be On Your Guest Behavior: Tips For Being a Good Guest This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is days away {can you taste the turkey already} & that means holiday parties, family gatherings, & friendly night dinner parties are in full merriment.

Before you head out to someone's home, I thought it'd be helpful to visit {or revisit} some 'do's & don't's as a guest at someone's humble abode---of course, I am no professional expert, but I always try to be a good guest/mannerly whenever possible.

  • Do arrive with something for the host/hostess. A simple token of appreciation such as a seasonal candle, festive dish towel{s}, wine, boxed candy, & other homey-gifts is a nice gesture when coming over for dinner/a party.   
  • Don't arrive with food {flowers} that may put the hostess out. Meaning if they're not planning on your hot/need-to-be-baked dish it's probably a good idea to bring something that doesn't need to be kept warm as the oven space is accounted for by him/her. 
  • Flowers Do's & Don't's. Also, flowers are nice, but if they require water & a vase ASAP that's more work for the party-thrower--so, pass on that idea. There's plenty of flower companies that sell/arrange flowers inside a vase--that way is a do
  • Do help clean the table/gather small table trash. I try to keep my cups/plates pretty tidy up & if there's nearby forgotten cups {say paper/plastic} as well as candy wrappers, napkins {you get the picture} I just trash 'em.  

  • Shoe do's & don't's. I feel like this one is controversial as it really depends on the person & what they do in their home. If they're wearing their shoes in their house it's probably safe to leave yours on. However, if you're like me & don't wear street shoes indoors then remove your shoes at the doorstep. If this is the preference of the host, they should provide slippers for guests. If you're worried/not sure you can always ask him/her! Keep a pair of slippers in your car--just in case! 
  • Party Ghosting, do or don't? Haha, are you the person that just leaves the party without saying goodbye? If it's a super large party {bigger than 20} it's probably okay to just leave. However, if it's smaller or you want to be rather-polite; it's always nice to thank the host in-person before leaving & say goodnight! 
  • Thank You do & don't. No matter what, a handwritten thank you note is always nice! It's a dying art form for sure, but the gesture is a classic mannerly act! Nothing else, a quick, hey what a great dinner party, those cranberry cookies you made were AMAZING!, or I had such a good time last night! text the next day would suffice. 

Okay, party-people those are my little tips! & Enjoy the pumpkin patch-fall afternoon photos--pretty sure people thought I was kooky setting up my tripod around all the crowds & pumpkin displays...😂

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  1. Your etiquette tips are on point, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. What nice tips of yours! All so great + respectful! Are you hosting this year? What are your plans? One week away!!!
    - Meg |

    1. hey girlie, no small gathering here at home, but my mom always makes the dinner!!/Katelyn xo

  3. Love this post! As a holiday hostess, I always appreciate when someone comes with a gift! :) Happy weekend girlie! XO