Fall & Feels Mood Board

Feeling inspired for autumn yet? There's something about a crisp autumn morning & a cozy autumn night that makes this time of year magical.

Whether you opt for the traditional autumn hues or go for rich browns, mustard yellows, burnt golds, & ambers; there's definitely inspiration at every leaf's turn...

Therefore, I made a little mood board for some fall feels. Let me know if this is something you like--totally would love to make it a seasonal thing.

  • Hats: Loving all bucket hats this season, this ADIDAS denim one is my fave!  
  • TV: October 10th Riverdale will return for the third season! Yay, Archie & Veronica, I can't wait to see you! 
  • Shoes: Hello Kitty x Converse has collaborated--it's totally full of girlie & throwback vibes--love!   
  • Home Style: I change my letterboard up for every season--if not every month. 
  • Eye Candy: Aviator Readers! They just add a fun throwback feel to your ootd. 
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  1. Yes! Make this a seasonal thing! How cute will these boards be for all the holidays too -xo



  2. How cute! Love the mood board, so inspiring!


  3. I'm loving your 90s vibes, girl- and that Nantucket sweatshirt looks so cozy!

    Le Stylo Rouge