Shine Bright: Adopt Healthy Habits in College

College. It's certainly many things, many experiences, & many changes over the course of four years. Everyone hears about the 'Freshman Fifteen' & most tend to think they're immune to it--I thought so too.

I wanted to write a post about some of the things I started doing to live a healthier lifestyle {which has continued on to today} starting my Sophmore Year of College. I attended/graduated from The University of Mount Union.

Terez Rainbow Stars Foil Leggings {c/o}
My first year, I mostly didn't pay attention to what I ate--there were so many options in the cafeteria & no nutrition labels to consult. My second mistake was sitting too much--I sat, studied, watched TV {In my spare time}, snacked while sitting, & was afraid to go use the gym. LOL, it's ridiculous for me to think about this now, as I am pretty much the opposite of that me in during my Freshman year of college.

So, the following year--I changed my mindset & never looked back.

Here are some healthy living tips for college students:

  • Smarter Cafeteria Choices: I switched my sugary cereal choices {they had a tone of cereal options} to healthier choices like oatmeal or an egg. 
  • Salad Bar: I began to watch what I put on my salads at the salad bar--skipped the cheese & sunflower seeds & opted for veggies & low fat {key here} or oil & vinegar salad dressing
  • Food Swaps: At my school, they had a wrap/sandwich making deli. I used get wraps, but I learned the wraps alone were pretty caloric--so, I swapped to whole wheat bread & had it toasted on the grilled--so good & still tasty!
  • Walk It Out: I would take an hour or 1/2 hour out of my day & just walk around campus for extra exercise & fresh air. So nice to get out of the classrooms/dorms & see the campus. 
  • Gym: Don't be afraid to go to your school's gym. I am not sure why I was at first, but after I started, it was something I looked forward to. Typically, once you get in your semester schedule groove, you'll notice the same people are there sweating' it out like you.  
  • Intermural Sports: Personally, I never did this, but if I was 'me now' back then {lol make sense, I think?} I'd want to do something like badminton or join a running group. I imagine it's a fun way to get some exercise as well as meet new people--plus, every school has intermural & open gym activities.  

Terez White Muscle Tank {c/o}

Outfit Details 

Exercising in cute & colorful workout clothes makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable. Plus, if you wear something like I have on here, you can go straight from class to the gym or the opposite. Together my top & pants are from Terez. I love the foil rainbow stars on the pants--I'd size up in the bottoms. The top, I am wearing a medium {I like roomier workout clothes} but I think a small would have worked too. 

Also, I appreciate that fact that everything is good in moderation. To ease the stress of final exams, term papers, projects, & other college stressors having something sweet {or savory like tacos} to look forward to afterward is a good thing too!  😛😋

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