See the Signs: Ft Lensabl

I think it's human nature to always look for signs. Whether they're signs of reassurance, signs that we're going down the right path, or little bits of something beyond where we are now--like from someone who we've lost & so forth. At least I do & I know when to read something {for the most part} as a little sign.

Lenses via Lensabl {c/o}

Every now & again, I'll get a little sign from my grandpa {he passed in April '15} that he's watching or around when things are either good or not good. More recently, we went to put Memorial Day Flowers on his grave & a little backstory--since I was young I loved-love Dalmatians!

In these parts, you never {never} see Dalmatians--especially where he lived--I never have in over 20 years. Anyways, I look up & there's a woman walking a Dalmatian right by his grave--of course, I pet it & chat for a second with the woman--I know that Dalmatian was a little sign from him above saying hello.   

*note, this post is in part collaboration with Lensabl all opinions are my own* 

& now for actually seeing--my glasses! I had these frames {they're called Lola from Eye Buy Direct} but they didn't have my new prescription...enter Lensabl. As you know, I love glasses! See here if you don't believe me. 

While I 've bought & received glasses from various retailers Lensabl is a little different as it's "your specs & their lenses."


It's a pretty good concept if your 1) like me & have a pair of frames that need a prescription. Or 2) have prescription lenses that need to be updated. 

It's pretty simple, you send Lenasbl your new prescription {or you can take their online eye exam for $40.00} & they'll send you a compact box in the mail for you to send your frames--they'll then do their magic adding their lenses {you pick the lens quality beforehand} & then send them back to you--voila! New glasses that you can see from!

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p.s. these strawberry earrings were buttons & then I turned them into earrings! 🍓🍓

I would like to mention, my frames were gone longer, I emailed & was notified that they were being remade due to a lens error, but when I did get them in the mail {inside a really nice white case along with a cleaning kit} I was extremely happy with the lens quality & love them!

You can check them out on their Instagram @lensabl & feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


  1. That dalmatian story - wow!! I totally believe in that neat that your Grandpa was saying hi to you that day :)


  2. I know--it was kinda-freaky yet fabulous!--Katelyn xx

  3. What a sweet story - that is incredible!
    - Meghan |

  4. I am in love with the pink sunnies and those strawberry earrings, agh!! They are SO cute!!

    Juliana Grace |