"Change is a Thing You Can Count On" Change of Pace

I feel like or rather noticed some bloggers grow out of their blogs whether it's with the content or their former blog name. I also noticed that when the urge for change comes knocking they embrace it-- whether it's by a complete blog rebranding or little tweaks here & there. This is something I find admirable, & inspirational.

Personally, I feel as if I am starting to grow into my blog {if that makes sense}. Four years earlier, I wasn't really sure what to share, how-to capture my ideas {visually or verbally}, but I had a rough idea of what my creative outlet is supposed to be. A creative sketch so to speak.

I am always looking for inspiration, new ideas, new stories, new people. So, I am embracing a change with my aesthetic--something I am excited about. I like images {and to capture images} that are rich in layers, texture, a bit moody, but still colorful, & creative--those are the 'vibes' I am going for!

Del Ray Britt Ryan Romper {c/o} 

Anywho, I look forward to re-finding my inspiration & being excited to blog & interact with readers & other bloggers.

Miley Cyrus sang it best, "Change is a thing you can count on. No one stays the same."--'Younger Now'. 

It's still me. It's still The Yellow Spectacles. Everything is g🌼🌼d.

my favorite flower in my favorite color they come in--a pinky-dusty-purple

Outfit Details:

So, how cute is this romper?! I love the texture & fun colors--if you look closely, you can see the tassels on the tie at the waist. The romper {which is perfect from transitioning from the pool to maybe dinner or drinks after} is from a brand called Britt Rayan. It's also made in NYC {I always appreciate American Made when possible!}

My hat is from H &M & bag I shared earlier in the season is from Target! Below, I am sharing some fun things that I think are really cute right now! Follow me on Instagram @katelynchef for more happy things. 🌼

Fun Stuff: 


  1. First off, I love your romper - it looks so good on you and the colors are so cheerful! Also, I completely understand what you mean. I wasn't really feeling my old name and niche, so I changed it up, but I'm just getting into finding motivation. I'm so happy for you that you're content with what you have created and with what you do, I love it as it is! Your new photos look great as well! I look forward to reading and seeing all your posts to come!!
    - Meghan | livingasunnylife.com

    1. You almost made me tear up--uggg thanks girl--you're the SWEETEST!!!!!/ Katelyn

  2. Your tan is SO GOOD!! Super jelly!



  3. It's fun to see how a blog evolves over time as the writer grows + changes! I'm loving your space lately!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. I love that romper on you, so cute! The colors are perfect for summer and I also love those chic sunnies you've paired with it. I've had this experience myself. I actually had an entirely different blog name when I first started and a completely different layout, too. I felt much more confident about my little space after I did the rebrand and face lift, so to speak. Thanks for sharing, girlie, and I look forward to seeing your new photos!



  5. Loving the colors of this look dear! So fun and pretty on you! And yes, change is inevitable.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com