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Time Well Spent: Father's Day Activities

June 14, 2018

Hi, All! Doesn't it feel like it was just Mother's Day? In fact, last month it was, lol. Now the focus is on Dads, granddads, favorite uncles, & all the other father figures in one's lives.

Instead of doing a gift guide, I thought to share a few ideas to do with your dad/fatherly figure this coming Sunday that's little to no-cost.

Things To Do With Dad: 

  • Waffles: Maybe your dad is like Rufus Humphrey aka famous for his morning waffles? Making a Sunday waffle bar equipped with berries & oatmeal is a great way to start the day off right. 

  • Biking: Go for a bike ride, hike, or outdoorsy activity--no phone, no wifi just you & good company can make the day extra special. 
  • Make Floats: Rootbeer/ soda floats are so fun! If you're not into throwing {lol} a few real beers back with dad--rootbeer floats are timeless & an innocent way to bond with dad!  
  • Hit the Pool: Lounging or an afternoon swim with dad & the family can be time well-spent.

  • Movie Time: Haul out the family videos from your younger years--everyone {including dad/grandpa} will love reminiscing.   
  • BBQ: Picnics & barbeques are so appropriate for Father's Day--let dad be the king of the grill & be sure to compliment him on his fine grilling skills.  

  • Frisbee: Why not head to the park/backyard & have a friendly frisbee match--bonus points if you go for those XL soft frisbees!   
  • Ice Cream Run: An impromptu run for ice cream is always so fun--be nice & treat dad--it is Father's Day!  

All in all, I hope this Sunday is good to you & your family! 💕

*I'd like to dedicate this post to my Grandpa who is celebrating Father's Day in heaven. He was always up for a summertime picnic.*  

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