Time Well Spent: Father's Day Activities

Hi, All! Doesn't it feel like it was just Mother's Day? In fact, last month it was, lol. Now the focus is on Dads, granddads, favorite uncles, & all the other father figures in one's lives.

Instead of doing a gift guide, I thought to share a few ideas to do with your dad/fatherly figure this coming Sunday that's little to no-cost.

Things To Do With Dad: 

  • Waffles: Maybe your dad is like Rufus Humphrey aka famous for his morning waffles? Making a Sunday waffle bar equipped with berries & oatmeal is a great way to start the day off right. 

  • Biking: Go for a bike ride, hike, or outdoorsy activity--no phone, no wifi just you & good company can make the day extra special. 
  • Make Floats: Rootbeer/ soda floats are so fun! If you're not into throwing {lol} a few real beers back with dad--rootbeer floats are timeless & an innocent way to bond with dad!  
  • Hit the Pool: Lounging or an afternoon swim with dad & the family can be time well-spent.

  • Movie Time: Haul out the family videos from your younger years--everyone {including dad/grandpa} will love reminiscing.   
  • BBQ: Picnics & barbeques are so appropriate for Father's Day--let dad be the king of the grill & be sure to compliment him on his fine grilling skills.  

  • Frisbee: Why not head to the park/backyard & have a friendly frisbee match--bonus points if you go for those XL soft frisbees!   
  • Ice Cream Run: An impromptu run for ice cream is always so fun--be nice & treat dad--it is Father's Day!  

All in all, I hope this Sunday is good to you & your family! 💕

*I'd like to dedicate this post to my Grandpa who is celebrating Father's Day in heaven. He was always up for a summertime picnic.*