Giddy for Summer & Gingham: Why You Should Be Proud to Share Your Blog

If you're a blogger--full time or doing it as your #sidehustle {go you!} you probably {at least once} experienced mixed feelings when it came to sharing that you have a blog.

Personally, I know I have--at times when your friends or people you meet aren't familiar with blogging--being a blogger you feel like a) they don't get it b) think you don't have a 'real job' or c) totally misunderstand what it's actually like being a blogger. I get so you can be in your pajamas all day then? No, that's not a reality for me, lol. 

Dooney & Bourke Kyra Bag  {c/o}

While blogging has become exceptionally popular in reality not everyone has a blog & not everyone reads blogs--but you should still be extremely proud to share your space of the internet with others--if they don't get it or judge you for it that's on them, because bloggers are extremely hardworking, hustling, creative, go-getting people. Just remember that! 

August Morgan Blue & White Dress {c/o}

Why You Should Share Your Blog: 

  • Creativity: If you're interviewing for a job or applying to a college/graduate program your blog can be an instrumental asset in showing what type of person you are & what you're capable of creating!    
  • Growth & Consistency: You know how it looks good on a resume if you've had a steady job for a year or so more? Well, I feel the same way about sticking to & building your blog--if you've been blogging for X amount of years {me, 4} & continue to grow & improve that really says something about your ability to commit.

  • Branding/Marketing: People go to school to study marketing, branding, packaging, etc, but bloggers build their brand all on their own ideas & create their own little creative world inside a very competitive market. There's something to be said for bloggers paving their own path on their own terms. 
  • Dedication: Like entrepreneurs, most bloggers aren't afraid to burn the midnight oil. After a long day, we go to photo shoots, edit our photos, answer emails, write up-coming posts, & perfect our social feeds-- there are no 9-5 hours in a blogger's calendar.  

That's my blogging pep-talk for the week! About this fun summer look, I am not going to lie, I channeled my inner Meghan Markle, lol I am not sure why, but I thought her subtle makeup Royal Wedding look was so beautiful! If you look really close my ring is a 'model/look-alike' to her engagement ring. So, maybe that was it!

Outfit Details: 

This gingham dress is from August Morgan & it's perfect for summer days & nights as it's easy breezy. This particular dress is called "Greyhound Blue & White."  The tie details on the sleeves are my favorite aspect of the dress. 

Now to Dooney & Bourke Fuchsia Kyra Bag--I was so excited when they reached out to me--the outside is bright pink & the inside is that fun Dooney orange. It's perfect for summer & I love how it pops with any look!  

Remember, you're amazing! xoxo 


  1. HA! What you wrote is so true, friend! Love the pics, have a great weekend!!


  2. great post, very inspiring ! Love the outfit, the bag is so cute.