Sights Set On: May Favorites Edition

Hey May Babes! The month of May {in my humble opinion, the best Month} continues to roll along...hopefully, there's a spring in your step & some lilacs blooming on a bush near you!

I wanted to write another 'current crushes' post as it's a new month & I have some new favorite things--all of which any blogger or blog reader can use & appreciate for sure!

So let's get started!

Caroline Dawn Spring 2018 πŸ’–

You know that my clothing aesthetic always leans slightly to a coastal preppy side & Caroline Dawn's new designs for spring/summer don't disappoint! Here, I am wearing the blush pink reeves tulip top--in a small. I'd say size up if comfort is as important to you as fit. I think if I ever get the chance to wear something like this again, I will go-to a medium. The best part about the top, aside from the sleeves {really cute} is that it comes in light blue, navy, & white too. You can shop her spring 2018 collection here.

Caroline Dawn Tulip Sleeve  {c/o}

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment πŸ’›

So, I bought this blue light/red light acne wand by Neutrogena back in March not knowing whether or not it would work--for more serve acne skin issues there's a full-on mask, but the wand is perfect {percfect!!} for minor acne & the occasional breakouts--especially when period time rolls around, lol. Anyways, it's pretty easy to use, hold wand over acne spot for two minutes{it comes with a battery}-once the two minutes are up the wand turns itself off. It has helped reduced both acne spots & has faded acne scars on me--I use it in the morning & then at night when I am either Netflixing or scrolling my Instagram. I love it--it's about $20.00.

The Greatest Showman/Vinyl Wish πŸ’–

I know I am months behind, but last month, I saw The Greatest Showman for the 1st time & I loved it! If you haven't seen it-see it! What I really want is a pink vinyl record player so I can get the soundtrack on a record. Plus, I think it would be fun to listen to other artists on vinyl both current pop & pop-past {like Miley Cyrus & Cher}!

Miley was the first concert I saw--Bangers Tour 😜

Rose Gold Luggage πŸ’›

Who doesn't love a pretty travel/suitcase situation? Now that I have this beautiful rose gold suitcase from Ebags I really want to go on a holiday. Aside from the bag's color & wipe-able exterior texture, there is a {TSA approved}  built-in heavy-duty lock on the bag's side which makes everything inside extra safe & secure. Even though I was gifted this item, I still highly recommend this bag {there's a bigger one too} & they also have these handy packing cubes to go inside your suitcase.
Ebags rose gold suitcase {c/o}


Tis the season for hyacinths--they don't get talked about nearly enough as other flowers, but I think they're beautiful. What's even better than the flower's beauty is their sent. So fragrant & just pure spring joy-if some are blooming near you-you must go sniff, lol, but seriously do so! Hyacinths are from the lily family & come in all color varieties--once I saw a buttercup yellow which I think is pretty rare, but beautiful never-the-less. #underthefloralspell

& that's just a portion of what I am currently crushing on...what about you? What're your monthly favorites? Find me on Instagram @katelynchef & let me know! πŸ’›