You're Greater Than You Pink: Lesson Learnt in Self Worth

Hi all! I 100% had different content intentions to go along with the photos of this post, but life always has a way of putting things in perspective & having eye-opening realizations.

Truthfully, Instagram vs Reality never used to bother me--really, but the latest change with the IG Algorithm changed that in a way & I have been feeling a bit bogged down by the 'pressure' to pigeon-hole myself to one true blogging category,  pick an Instagram photo preset, & take on other internet personas. A few blogger-to-brand emails also brought up feelings of not being good enough & tips to conform to standard blogging norms.

True, I agree it's important to stay on brand, pick an aesthetic, & not move across all boards of different blogging topics. Blogging today, I consider myself a creative life & style blogger niching in the creative avenues of style, decor, & inspiration.

Not to go too in-depth, but my take away from recent blogging & Instagram changes/experiences is this--everyone has a theory on the way you should be you, but that's where everyone is wrong--you should be able to decide what works & doesn't for you!

I started blogging one because I needed a creative outlet & two because I was SO tired of being rejected for jobs I applying for--this was around the time I graduated from college. My blog, my Instagram, my Twitter, my whatever is just what I want it to be--fun, happy, inspiring, creative, colorful, insightful, polished, & me. Just as your place, your blog, your creative outlets, your life should be you

earrings via Lisi Lerch {c/o} bunny monogram tee Born to be Sassy {c/o}

If you find my content fun, happy, inspiring, & well-crafted then I'm doing things the way I feel best. No, I am not going to imposter another internet personality just because it might capture the attention of some random campaigns--those would be meant for someone else & waisted on me anyway. Nope, sometimes doing what you think is best & what makes you feel the best as well, the best way to go--plus, the most meaningful connections will stem from that organically.

When did blogging start to run in the direction of pleasing everyone else but you first? The way I see it is you're the light--you want people to be drawn to your light. Producing quality content that you're proud of & inspired by is the most genuine & by-far worth it at the end of the day.

Betty & Veronica Beret 

Anyways, Easter is in a few days--which means plenty of pink & pastel wearing opportunities! My earrings are from Lisi Lerch. Actually, my first pair they sent broke & they kindly sent replaced them--which I thought was really nice--all of their earrings are so unique & effortlessly pretty.

If you're looking for cute monograms this spring bunny initial tee is from Born to Be Sassy.
I hope the Bunny is good to all of you!

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  1. Loved this... I always think it's fun to read personal posts! I used to be so caught up in followers and likes and comments, but my one concern now is just to be me and enjoy writing! Happy Easter :)
    - Meghan |

    1. just enjoy! it's such a smoke & mirrors game anymore!--Katelyn

  2. You are so right on with what you wrote, and I'm so happy to read a REAL post about the pressures of blogging. I may not be a top blogger, or making a ton of money doing it...but thats OK, because I don't do it for those reasons. I do it because fashion fuels my soul and makes me happy!! You keep doing YOU, friend!! :)


  3. Girl PREACH!!! I am so tired of asking "Does this fit my feed" when really if it is a picture I love and am proud of it shouldn't matter! You are so right- we need to be doing what makes us happy and proud! XO