Spiff Up Your Insta Story Highlights

Hi, Everyone. So if you're on Instagram {who isn't} you know there's always new changes & trends. Aside from the new {if, you ask me crummy algorithm, lol} a few positives are following hashtags now & the ability to customize your Insta Story Highlights. Plus, GIFs are pretty fun too. 💜💛

Sooooo, It has been an unwritten goal for The Yellow Spectacles 2018 {for me} to bring you more posts that have a call-to-action /and or some type of learning/take away from my posts.Therefore, here is a post showing two different ways to create your own Insta Story Highlight Covers--One that's very easy to DIY your self.

The second option was created, coastal illustrator Jennifer Murphy from Park & Mads. She is available to create one-of-a-kind/personal Story covers for you.

The DIY Option:

I found a really handy template that Bonjour Blogger! {I love their blogging tips!} posted--you can find that post here.  After you download their handy template {already presized} you can basically use your creativity to make your own story covers/icons.

I happened to leave their template navy because it goes with my light pink, gold-ish yellow blog aesthetic, but like they mention, you can change the color.

Next, I thought of what I post the most of to my stories & what topics I'd like to highlight:
  • Blog {All things blog & new content}
  • Flowers {I love to photograph flowers, duh}
  • Style {Mostly gingham, lol}
  • Writing {It's what I do!}
  • Travel {Hoping to head to Palm Springs, CA soon!}
  • Home Decor {Always decorating something!} 
After picking my topics, I went to a new app purchase A Design Kit--it's new & created by the makers of A Color Story {a favorite of mine} & created my designs rotating between a whimsical circle shape & a star shape. 

After adding the shapes/labels to the inner white circle I uploaded them to my stories. After posting I went through & added each image to my Highlights {found on your profile/Instagram about page} & labeled them accordingly. 

Now that those are added anytime I want to save a certain story that falls into one of my intended Highlights I'll be able to--not-to-mention, they'll be forever there for others/followers to go & check out!

Parks & Mads Personalized Option:

So, I am very obsessed with these. If you follow me on IG & here you know I love Nantucket. Below are the illustrations that Jennifer created after we collaborated via email--me basically saying these are the highlight topics I want to have & she pretty much dreamed up the rest! So cute--follow her on Instagram @Parkandmads
Via Park & Mads


If you like this sort of post, I am planning {THIS MONTH} to write a post on how I create my more creative Insta Stories & what apps I like--A Design Kit is a new purchase for me {$1.99} BUT it's great for stories & the fonts/colors/textures are pretty awesome!

Follow me on Instagram @katelynchef & we can hang & swap tips! 


  1. You are the BEST at making Insta stories fun!! I need these tips :)



  2. Love posts like these... I'm always trying to stay on top of the new algorithms!!

    - Meghan | prepsterinpearls.com

  3. I love this post- I learned some great new tips! Also, the new blog design looks great!!