Easy Ideas to Bring Spring to Your Home Decor

"Spring will come & so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer." Anita Krizzan

Isn't this quote nothing but the truth. It's March...we're nearly there! Spring {the promise of spring} has always been my favorite season. I often say your favorite season is the one that you were born in...makes sense right?

Anyways, it might be just a tad too early for full-out spring vibes--that is outdoors---BUT---the indoors is fair game. Here are a few simple ways to bring pre-spring feels into your living space.

P.S. Monday's post, I will go further into details about my shelving I re-did for the warmer/brighter months ahead so be sure to swing back.

  • Switch Up your Decor: It's fun to bring out different objects & arrange them on your desk, shelves, & tables for a fresh feel. It's also fun to come up with new color schemes too. Here, I went with a mostly pink--bit of blue & white theme in my bathroom. 
  • Candles: Obvious but a floral scent or something that just smells like spring is a great way to get in the mood for change. Room spray is great for this too. I really like the Rose & Peony scent by Pecksniff's England
  •  Flowers/Fresh Flowers: True, there are some really believable faux floral arrangments that you can buy today, but nothing beats the cold blues like bringing in fresh flowers. Plus, now's a great time to do so as the stores often have Easter flowers out on display/for sale.  

I am also linking to a few of my favorite spring-home-essentials in the widget. Fingers crossed that spring will come early! 


  1. I love all of this home inspo! Is that a towel that says Mermaid on it?! It's SO cute!



  2. I'm so excited for spring, just as you are! I'm looking forward to bringing in some fresh flowers... I've heard they're good for purifying the air... and extra bonus!! Happy weekend!

    - Meghan | prepsterinpearls.com (⬅️completely remodeled!!)

  3. So many pretties! And I need that Let's Be Mermaids towel <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. Great inspo ! Lovely items, thanks for sharing!

    Have a great weekend !