Feed Your Imagination: What to Read

"She's Got a Point of View that's Never Dull." --Kate Spade

This Diner reminds me of Riverdale--so I snapped a pic!

It's been a while since I wrote one of these sorts of blog posts --where I share a few of my favorite articles I have had published on the web.

Aside from a bulk of holiday posts--which isn't timely for The New Year, I do have a selection {I am linking to below} that I think you'll find fitting--hopefully, inspiring for your January day-to-day living!

1. 5 Biggest Crafty Trends in 2017 {Martha Stewart} Now is a great time to call upon your inner crafter & take advantage of some creativity since the weather {for the most part} isn't the greatest outdoors.

2. 12 of Our Most Popular Crafts in 2017 {Martha Stewart} Hey! I helped/write this gallery of the most popular crafts that the Martha Stewart team produced in the year 2017--the best thing is that these are all great for 2018 too. No worries!

3. The Four TV Characters That Compelled Me to Write {ED 2010} This post meant a lot--Growing up, I personally knew no one in publishing/the writing field, but TV characters like Betty Squarez & Rory Gilmore inspired me & still very much do so--here are four of my faves! I feel like all of these gals are my best friends in different ways, haha 💚

4. 7 Craft Books We're Reading in 2018 {Martha Stewart} Again, you're pretty covered here from weaving to paper crafts--DIY books hitting bookshelves this year!

I always share new articles via my Insta Stories @katelynchef

Happy Reading {and crafting}


  1. I wish I were better at crafting! Can't wait to check out these reads this weekend -xo



  2. How charming is that diner?! I love the 50s vibe. Also, thanks for sharing your articles here, I’ll have to give them a read. I hope you have a great weekend, girlie!



  3. Love that you have fun fictional leading ladies to inspire you! I’m sure you are an insirpation to girls who want to follow your lead too! :)