Netflix & Cozy: What to Watch this Fall

What a better season to unwind in the evening--warm drink in hand & cozy socks on to watch a bit of television. Although I don't have cable, there are few shows on my radar & Netflix  'watch list.'

Below, here are my picks, but I am always open to suggestions {although, I am pretty picky about TV Shows--um, no cop or hospital dramas #sorrynotsorry}


  • The Worst Witch: It's on my list to start watching--I really want Harry Potter to come to Netflix, but this show seems to give me a bit of HP & Halloween vibes 
  • Reign: I have already watched it {twice!} But if you like all things royals--with an engaging, enchanted, & youthful plot line--this is for you--plus, the costumes & hairstyle are very 'Gossip Girls' as the costume director for GG worked on Reign
  • To the Bone: Starring Lily Collins--an independent film/drama {with humor thou} about young women struggling with Anorexia Nervosa--for some reason, I found this to be extremely powerful & moving--Lily did an amazing job portraying a day-in-the-life of her character, Ellen. 
  • Disney: Ha, anything from Moana to Hercules I occasionally watch on Netflix--brings back memories of youth & Moana has so many catchy tunes! 
  • Once Upon a Time: I stopped watching Once on primetime & now catch up with it on Netflix--it's getting a bit corny for me, but it's still good {& has a lot of seasons to binge on} when I feel like watching something whimsical. 
  • Radoms: I always keep Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, Friends, Hart of Dixie & so on my list when I feel as if I have to re-visit old friends!    

Prime Time

  • Will & Grace: You may have read my return of Will & Grace post--but I am SO happy it's back on NBC! Honestly, the humor, friendships, & current event references makes this show my all time favorite show {right next to Ugly Betty, of course} Airs Thursday, NBC 9pm EST 
  • Riverdale: I started Riverdale {season 1 on Netflix} & was instantly hooked! It's like Pretty Little Liars meets Nancy Drew with a bit of bad-ass Blair Waldorf style tossed in--I am so excited for a new season of Riverdale.  Wednesdays on the CW 
  • Randoms: When I have evening free time I try to catch or partially watch The Middle {ABC} American Housewife {ABC} & Shark Tank {ABC} 
So, what are you watching & recommending for fall TV?  


  1. I love watching Chicago Fire and Med! This is Us is also a good one too! I've been thinking about starting to watch Riverdale - so many people LOVE it!! Great post, Katelyn!!

    Meghan |

  2. Lucie, I liked it-def think you will too!-Katelyn