Inspired October Reads

It's always fun to be festive--especially with the autumn season here.

Below, I am rounding up some articles I wrote {all evergreen for fall & halloween} that you can read & enjoy the images to inspire your next fall craft, party, & costume.

Mystic Knot Bracelet & KeyChain {c/o}

Also, {personally} I am inspired by plaid/tartan prints & knit textures this time of year---the sea shrunken rope bracelet & knotted navy key chain is from Mystic Knot. They make nautical jewelry & household decor--be sure to check'em out here & here.

Let me know if any of these reads inspired you!

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  1. I read the article about displaying Halloween candy and loved it - such clever ideas!

    Meghan |

  2. Candy!!! Sign me up :) I love it in that little basket too


  3. Your pictures are definitely always an inspiration to me! I love that gingham jacket you are rocking!!

  4. I thought this article would be about Halloween candy! Ha

  5. Omgosh so much candy!! I love the article about the spooky craft ideas. So many cute ideas!!


  6. Wow, such a lovely post. I love the story about the spooky craft ideas <3
    Kisses <3