Posh Dorm Living Guide

By now, all are probably a bit all ''dormed'' out with the uptick in BTS supplies & moving into your first dorm or college apartment--but I wanted to share a different twist. A few dorm-sweet-dorm essentials that are pretty affordable but feel a bit posh. After all, this little to medium size space is your new digs--gotta dress it up a bit. Here are my picks...this post is sponsored by Blueair.

Posh Dorm Decor

Snoopy is a phone/music speaker from PBteen 
& You're probably wondering what the refrigerator look-alike pink & white thing is...it's actually an air purifier system from Blueair that great for dorm life/apartment living {really any living} It's a one-touch air purifying system that pulls air in from all four sides & cleans the air of 'bad things' like allergens, pollens, dust, mold, pet dander, etc. & the pre-filter {the pink part} is changeable depending on your color preference--you know gotta keep it #basic with pink! You can read more about Blue Pure 211+ here!

see, it can be blue too. 


  1. I wish my dorm room had been this cute! Mine had so many things that were just mismatched!! :)



  2. I wish that I was this chic when I was in school! Mine was so basic in comparison to all the fun accessories that are out now!

  3. Oh how fun! That is probably the chicest air purifier I've ever seen! And I love that shaggy pink stool!


  4. What a cute post!