Desert Dream'n Faves

It's June! Which means wherever you are it's probably hot or on it's way to becoming hot. While it's not my daily style, I am intrigued with the 'desert' looks going on in the home & fashion pertaining trends. I think mainly because it's bright & fun--plus, really screams 'summer'

Below, I have added a few desert faves & am linking to a past Teen Vogue article I wrote about adding the Desert look into your home/room--read that post here, called: 10 Desert Decor Picks 

Also, I have included a few of my succulents & cactus here. The cactus' name is Flora, but I need YOUR help naming my pink potted plant-leave a comment in the section below.

Stay hot. 😜  {lol} & Don't forget to read the Teen Vogue piece!


  1. In my new house I will be having a cute little plant garden in the sun room and I am so excited to add cacti and succulents. These are some great picks!

    xoxo! Elise

  2. Woops! I also forgot to name the plant. I would name that cutie Violet cause of the gorgeous purple. :)

  3. LOL Thank you Elise-I like Violet-hahah-Katelyn

  4. I love the cactus! Only you would have the cutest little one :) Happy almost weekend!!


  5. I love this whole southwestern vibe we've been seeing around, too! It really does help to enhance the summertime vibes in a way that's more unique to the typical bright colors and patterns we're used to seeing. Thanks for sharing and I hope you're having a great week so far!



  6. I love succulents! So cute. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

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