Hitting 'Refresh' with Patchology

Recently, {within the last year} I have taken a liking to using various masks and pre-made masks in the individual packet to aid in skin brightening, health, glow, & overall moisturization--the charcoal ones are my favorite.

{Note the products worn in this post were gifted by the brand---all opinions are mine} 


Makeup tote via Borough 

Which leads me to this post as I was super excited to try the fun masks and lip patches that Patchology sent over.

mud mask--literally no muddy mess 😁
Essentially, they have a quick 'patch' to fix up for your facial/skin care routine --you know, whenever you need a quick rejuvenation. My favorite is their lip patches as it only takes about five mins {one lip patch}, but your lips feel much better-less chapped afterward. To learn more about Patchology see here & shop their fun patches here.

& In case you're curious, I keep all my skin care essentials tucked inside this Nauti tote from Borough--an apparel & textiles brand in Charleston, SC.

Thank you Patchology for sponsoring this post as all opinions are my own.

5 min lip gels 

5 min eye revive 


  1. I have been consciously trying to use more face packs as well! They really do work but i can be very lazy with my skin ! However, after i took it for granted too much and started getting patchy skin , I have been more careful lately and masks definitely help!

    These look great, i might try them!


  2. I've been using masks for awhile, but have never tried a lip mask. Definitely interested in what you thought about it!



  3. I love a good sheet mask- and love that they are developing sheets masks just for eyes and lips!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. seems like good i ll try

  5. I've never heard of this brand, so thanks for introducing me! Their masks sound wonderful, especially the lip one. I've never used a lip mask before, but I should really consider it because throughout my entire pregnancy so far, I've been struggling with chapped lips and no home remedy seems to be working. I'll have to keep my eye out for this one! Thanks again for sharing and I hope you're having a great week so far!



  6. Sheet masks are my jam! They really are a life savior for my ultra dull skin! I would love to try the eye patches! Hope the ship in France! Thanks for sharing!


    Alexandra - http://fashionsymposium.com/