Flat-Lay Tips ft. United Monograms

To me, one of my favorite things about blogging & watching {really admiring} other bloggers & their blogs is the art of the flat lay. As my blog has progressed I have gotten better at the whole flat lay game & {although it makes me nervous to do so} a few have expressed interest in hearing tips on perfecting the flat lay.

Although, I am no expert-below, are a few flat lay tips I have learned along the way--Although, I believe Lauren at Vandi Fair & Kasey at Styled by Kasey do A-MAZING flat lays!

Be sure to comment any of your tips below.

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Theme 💛

When planning/snapping your flat lays I have found that keeping a 'theme' is the best way to organize your pics & get the most out of one snap. For example, the pictures in this post are themed around spring & active/leisure wear.

Color Combination 💜

Similar to a theme, but have a color combo in mind will not only make it 100x easier for you to select your items for your pictures but having similar colors will bring the whole picture together in the end. For example, here I have the pop of green with pink and black as my accent colors.

Tassel Necklace via The Tiny Tassel 

Lighting 💙

Like all #bloggerproblems lighting is critical & can often be the trickiest thing to overcome. I try to take my photos is natural light as much as possible. A favorite light editing app I use is SnapSeed & it makes lightening flat lay photos a breeze!

Styling 💚

Posing & arranging your props/garments is also a biggie. I try to leave a bit of space in-between each item of clothing etc. to create space --otherwise, it can be too cluttered. Before taking the photo, I look through the camera lens doing one last 'eye-edit.' Basically, adding, repositioning, or removing items for the final snap. Also, ironing clothes is a must--everything looks so much neater & crisp with pressed clothes--a pain yes but you'll be happy with the results!

& big thanks to the cutest #OOTD from United Monograms -I can't wait for {future post alert} to share me actually wearing this lipstick, lattes, & legging look. 

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  1. I'm so bad at the flat lay. Whenever I try, it just doesn't turn out right at all, so thanks so much for these tips!!



  2. These are all such great tips for creating the perfect flatlay photo! I think both theme and colors are perfect for creating a cohesive vibe that'll make sense aesthetically. Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having great week so far!



  3. Loved these tips! Flatlays can be tricky, but can also be the cutest things ever...and I always love yours! The themes are the best. :)


  4. Great tips! I personally love flat lays shots! Yours are very pretty!
    Have a wonderful weekend, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  5. This post was so useful! I'm really trying to improve the photography on my blog and haven't actually tried the flat lay but I will defo try in the future, I use photoscape to try edit my pics too x