Knotty Explorer: Knot Clothing & Belt Co.

Happy almost weekend folks! With summer here--who doesn't want to get out, get going, & do some exploring?

p.s. all June I am celebrating The Yellow Specs turning 2!

I know I do & I always find taking a hat & a pair of shade-straps to be just as much a necessity as water.

Green Gingham Shade-Strape

Get Exploring!
I am so very happy to partner   with Knot Clothing & Belt Co. for this particular post. As you can tell from the pictures, Knot Clothing is a preppy Nantucket/ Carolina(s) based brand that has a whole lot of prep & style.

Like everything Knot makes--they make it American Made.

American Made
They are famed for their canvas/ stitched belts--you know perfect for the docks or golf country club-BUT they also sell tees, shade-straps, & a slew of other merchandise. Their logo, a cute little 'knot' rope in their signature grass green hue.

In this post, you'll see Knot shade-straps, a hat, their signature preppy stickers.

Blue Gingham 

"Born in Nantucket, MA & raised in Charleston SC it was only a matter of time before we created shade straps to keep your favorite sunglasses in place on your face. Like all Knot swag, these shade straps are American Made. Get Knotty."

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Enough said. Follow Knot on Twitter /Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook /Website.

Get Knotty-Explore the day.

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  1. Gorgeous! Love the flowers!


  2. So cute!! And those hydrangeas are beautiful!

  3. Absolutely loved that cute little video!
    xo, Syd

  4. How cool are those shade straps? Never heard of this brand before! Need to check them out -- thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  5. Those flowers are gorgeous!! Cute hat too!


  6. I adore the combination of bold, vibrant colours featured in this look - from the green jumper to the pretty flowers! Have a lovely weekend :)

  7. Loved this post! Also congrats on 2 years!!!

  8. I love your lipstick! I never think of having a strap for my sunglasses but I bet it's an essential if you're going on a boat!

    Rachael at

  9. I enjoyed that video you put together! Congratulations on 2 years!

    xo, Natalie

  10. Soo pretty! I love that knot hat :) Happy 2 Years!!


  11. Soo pretty! I love that knot hat :) Happy 2 Years!!