Turn Up the Beats Please : Cool Speakers & Headphones

Pottery Barn Teen, Plush Rock'in Snoopy 
Hey, I swore it was Christmas a second ago...am I right or am I right?

If you had a very Merry Christmas then maybe {just maybe} you were super lucky enough to get a new phone or maybe even a new {bigger} tablet?

If this is the case, first congratulations! Second, I am loving all the new fun speakers & headphones that are out there for our electronic devices. Whether you wanna pump up your tunes or turn up your Netflix volume --fun speakers are the trending thing.

Image created w/ Pic Lab 
You probably got some Xmas jingle & gift card money too--didn't you? Then why not treat yo-self to some fun speakers for that fancy new phone?

I am really loving the speakers that PB Teen is selling. They have an assortment from unicorns, funny print, to golden rabbit ears speakers. What I like about these speakers is that they are youthful, but really unique too.

Headphones have come along way & I find these UGG Australia headphones {that look like ear- muffs} to be winter's perfect accessory!

Getting back to the speaker thing, this plush Snoopy PB Teen speaker was under my tree this holiday season. There is a hidden headphone jack in Snoopy's back & the sound then streams from Snoopy's paws. It's totally fun & super soft--plus, its Snoopy---how cute, right!

See you in The New Year with fun, fresh, & exciting posts!


  1. All of these are so cute! I personally love the little cat headphones. Happy New Year!

    1. The cat ones are super cute I know! Thanks for reading Cara!-Katelyn xx

  2. These are so creative, especially that unicorn speaker! I love your Snoopy speaker!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day