Arsenic & Lace: Gilmore Girls ReBoot

"I will follow.." 
Awe, it seemed like only yesterday we were gabbing with Lorelai & Rory Gilmore at Luke's Diner--you know sipping coffee, eating waffles, & talking a lot about Harvard, Star's Hollow, Friday night dinners, & much of nothing.

Arsenic & Lace 
Seriously, how much do you miss those two? Not-to-mention the show & all its goofy characters?

If you're like myself & the  clothing retailer, Arsenic & Lace then the answer is a lot. A lot. A lot!


Have you met Arsenic & Lace? Well, if you heart GG you probably should get acquainted as they have a fine line of Gilmore Girls apparel that sure will stir up warm old memories of the show!

Perfect gift idea for the holidays1
By-the-way, have you heard GG will be returning in 2016 for a brief recap stint on NetFlix?

So, you'll need to be ready for the girl's return. Let's start by brushing up on our GG history & purchasing some much needed Gilmore Girls apparel from Arsenic & Lace.

In this post, you'll find their GG, "I rather be watching Gilmore Girls" pullover. However, they also have tees, tanks, and ball caps that are similar to Luke's baseball signature cap.

"I am attracted to pie. That doesn't mean I feel the need to date pie"-Lorelai. 

Pour the coffee....better leave the pot!

Favorite Gilmore Characters:

  • Lorelai & Rory Gilmore {duh}
  • Sookie St. James
  • Luke Danes 
  • Dean 
  • Paris Geller 
  • Logan Huntzburger 
  • Lane Kim
  • Kirk
Coffee at Luke's? 
The new GG reboot will happen four times within one calendar year according to a recent US Weekly article. They reported that each 90 minute episode will take place in summer, fall, winter, & spring. It's not 100% revealed if all the characters will be returning or what the actual plot entails. No matter, all GG fans can say how excited we are to welcome these two back!
"It's Friday night. We should be out painting the town with or homies"-Rory. 
Be sure to give the gift of gab with anything & everything Gilmore Girls found at Arsenic & Lace. You can follow them on Instagram too @arsenicandlaceshop

GG Pullover 




  1. This is seriously one of my favorite shows of all time and I'm so stoked that they're making more shows on Netflix! I may have to buy one of these!