Sparkles & Spots: Sparkle & Whim Jewels

This & every Holiday Season we {us ladies} like to shine just as bright, if not brighter than the most illuminated Christmas tree with our bling, sparkle, & glitter. 

Whether it is by our makeup, clothing, or accessories the Holidays bring out our sparkly side. If you are looking to add a little Holiday glitz to your personal sparkle/style this season maybe you need to visit Sparkle & Whim.

Sparkle & Spots 
Certainly, the online jewelry jewel box has something to add a bit of bling to your oversized Christmas sweater.

A necklace? Earrings? Bracelets & rings? Yep. Yep. Check. Check. Sparkle & Whim has it covered with their glitzy {& affordable selection} of wearable accessories .

Statement pieces: bracelet & necklace 

The jewel business started not too long ago, back in 2014. Their mission is to, "bring fabulous fashion jewelry pieces to every girl.

Certainly, S&W is doing just that. The Yellow Specs was lucky enough to receive a few sparkly items via snail mail to sample. 

& while I'll let the pictures do most of the talking--I will also let the leading {& only} Sparkle & Whim girl boss, Meg Allen do a little chatting too.

hint/ hint. There is a lot of sparkly & female empowering shop talk involved...


The Yellow Spectacles: Can you briefly tell me how Sparkle & Whim came to be?
Sparkle & Whim:  Sparkle & Whim was an idea that had been growing in my mind for a while.  I kept thinking it would be such a great way to combine the retail skills I have learned over the years, with something that truly gives me joy.  
Last year, I decided to go for it!  While I do maintain my "day job", I love Sparkle & Whim for the creative outlet that it gives me.  
I love having something that I can totally put my stamp on and that reflects who I am.  When I showed one of my friends the site for the first time, she said, "Oh, it's so 'you'!"  And that's how I knew it was right :)

TYS: In your mind, who is/what does the Sparkle and Whim girl look like?
S&W: I like to think that the Sparkle & Whim girl could be any girl!  Sometimes she likes to sparkle with statement pieces, sometimes she's classic with a simple cuff or a monogram necklace.  

"I pick all of the pieces myself, so they are all close to my heart"-Meg.

TYS: Since you're in the jewelry business, is there one piece that every girl/women should own?
S&W: I think it's different for each person.  Everyone has their own personality, and what they choose to wear reflects that. I find that I will become temporarily obsessed with certain pieces.  I'll wear them every day for weeks, or even months, and then one day I'll just move on to another piece.  So many things can effect the pieces we choose, from mood to season to environment, so our choices are ever changing.

"We say, put on the bling, drink the champagne, & laugh until the tears roll down"-Sparkle & Whim. 

TYS: What is your most popular item?
S&W: The monogram collection took off so quickly in such a huge way!  I was so excited when we added them, but I never could have expected such a positive response!  I think our girl is drawn to them because there are so many different options and the price points are so amazing :)

TYS: How do you stay current in a world of competitors?
S&W: Honestly, I try not to pay too much attention to competitors. Obviously, there are others sites similar to ours, but none have the exact feel that we do. That's what makes us unique.  I pick all of the pieces myself, so they are all close to my heart. 
My favorite part of this whole process is the buying. I pick pieces that I like, that I would wear.  There's nothing on the site that I wouldn't put on myself.  I think our girl responds to that and likes to come back to see what's new.    

TYS: The holidays are coming, what are you {Sparkle & Whim} doing to get ready/sell? Anything festive or special?
S&W: The holidays are really the most fun time for jewelry, aren't they?!  Girls tend to go pretty simple in the warmer months, but holiday time is when the sparkle really comes out!  We will definitely be adding more statement pieces as we approach the season :)

The "Emma" Necklace 
TYS: Other than your website, is there other places where shoppers can find you?
S&W: We just celebrated our first birthday (YAY!!).  One of our goals for the coming year is to start doing trunk shows and shopping events.  Stay tuned!

TYS: One thing you'd like others to know about Sparkle and Whim?
S&W: While I use the words "we" and "our" all the time when referring to the site, it really is just me!  As it continues to grow, I'm sure that will change, but right now, Sparkle & Whim is (as I said above) my creative outlet and I love the opportunities it gives me every day to learn new things (soooo many new things!) and to meet such amazing new friends!

What a girl wants...

TYS: In three words Sparkle and Whim is...
S&W: Fun, fashionable, and SPARKLY!!!

TYS: One fashion/jewelry trend you are loving is..., why?
S&W: Hmmm, that's a tough one!  I love the bar necklaces that I'm seeing on everyone.  I've been wearing my Roman numeral necklace a lot lately!  I think they're so great because you can wear them just on their own, or layer them with other delicate necklaces.  
Also, they can be plain or you can personalize them with a name, an initial, or just a word to make them really special :)


I know what statement necklace I'll be wearing while I am sipping the Christmas punch--do you?

For more whimsical sparkle, read Meg's blog, What Sparkles Now.

Merci, Sparkle & Whim!

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  1. Such great statement pieces!! Love this babe. Happy hump day!