Feather Pen DIY

To be a glamorous writer/blogger/girl boss {lol} you'll need one knock-out of a pen. Why not go old school & create a glam feather pen?

Except, this feather pen won't be dull, but it will be sparkly & well, glamorous.

It's so easy to make {except for the feather} you probably already have all the items at home to make this quill pen.

After you have adhered your pen to your quill, you can customize the pen with any type of ribbon & sparkles you want. I went with a silver & white theme, but you can do black & gold--pink & gold--the options are endless.

I went ahead & added some sequins to the actual feather with small beads of glue to give it an extra shinning look.

What now? The glam pen is completed. How about penning your dream Christmas list? Oh wait, I already did.

Happy DIY-ing.

1 comment

  1. Wow this looks so pretty and creative. I would love working with a pen like this. And its so easy to make too. Making a pen like this one soon.