The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Parody: Unthinkably Hilarious

If you have never seen or at least heard of the breakout Netflix hit, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt...then maybe you live in a bunker {which would make more sense if you've watched the show!}

So, let's backup. The show's premise is around a peppy-twenty something girl trying to make it in The Big Apple. Sounds familiar? No, there is a twist. The peppy twenty something is Kimmy Schmidt--she spent the past 15 years in an underground bunker cult & was recently released.

In order to regain herself & her life,  Kimmy moves to NYC & befriends a Broadway want-a-be actor named Titus {striking resemblance to the Broadway's Little Mermaid character, Sebastian (same actor?)}. Aside from adjusting to city dwelling she  begins to work as a nanny for a wealthy, slightly delusional, & spastic Upper East Side mother named Jacqueline {Jame Krakowski}. 

In a series of life lessons & LOL moments makes this Tina Fey & Robert Carlock written show a undeniable hit.


Now that you get Kimmy you can get the hilarious concept behind a rapidly growing Kimmy Schmidt parody by two unbreakable women; Lori & Missy in Unbreakable Lori & Missy.    

Together, the two have created a web-series spoofing the NYC show in their own LA setting. The women are wearing multiple hats as they are writing & staring in their own productions..hey, it helps that Lori actually looks like the lead actress {Ellie Kemper} who plays Kimmy.

Read the following to see how it all began {& where it is all going!}

TYS: First, briefly tell me a little about yourselves...names, career, goals, interest ect  ....

Lori: I was born and raised in NJ, then went to Montreal to do my (double major) BA in English (Cultural Studies) and Linguistics at McGill University. I ended up living in Montreal for 9 years, and obtained my Canadian citizenship while I was there. After graduating from my BA, I worked for a Canadian Immigration law firm in marketing and sales, then I completed my one-year MBA in Marketing and Management at HEC Montreal. Upon graduating from my MBA, I secured a job in Santa Monica and moved to California to work in the "Silicon Beach" tech community, which is what I've been doing for the past 2.5 years. Up until Friday (June 26), I was working as Director of Celebrity Relations for Famous Birthdays, a resource site to learn about and discover celebrities. It was honestly the coolest job ever - I got to work with up-and-coming celebrities all day long to get them profiled on the site. But as my attention drifted to Unbreakable Missy & Lori, I knew I had to focus on the web series full-time, which I've been doing since yesterday (June 29). I'm now full-time Producer, Writer, and Lead Actress (Kelly Smith) for Unbreakable 
Missy & Lori. My goal is to take the web series as far as I can! For many years now, I've wanted to become an entrepreneur and I truly hope that this is my chance.

Missy: I was born and raised in New Jersey as well. I graduated rom Ramapo College with a BA in Communications. I have always had a passion in film since I was a little kid. I have a lot of experience with internships and freelance work. I currently am the director, editor, and actress (Xan) for Unbreakable Missy & Lori. My goal is for our series to become a success!

Unbreakable Lori & Missy

TYS: What inspired you to do these parodies?

Lori: Ever since Ellie Kemper first appeared on The Office, people have been telling me that I resemble her. I paid attention to her career, and when I saw that she was the star of the new Netflix original series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I watched the show as soon as I could. I was immediately captivated by the story and characters, and thought that I should create some type of online content that referenced the show. At Famous Birthdays, I was working with a lot of YouTubers and Viners, so I thought I could do something like what they create. But once I met with Missy to discuss our ideas, Missy explained that we should do a web series. I looked at her and realized right away that she'd be the perfect Xan, and I went home that night and just wrote and wrote and wrote.

Missy: My partner in crime, Lori, told me how people say she looks like Ellie Kemper. I looked at a few pictures and thought, OH! YOU DO! Then, she told me about the show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which I then bindge watched and finished the series in two days. I then was like OMG! Even the way you act and speak is like Ellie too! Lori brought up the idea of doing vines and short videos and I then thought, why not a web series?!

TYS: How many have you done thus far?

Lori: I've written 17 episodes, and we have released our first episode, as well as a bloopers video. We'll be starting production on more episodes next week!

Missy: We have released our first episode, and we'll be starting production on more episodes very soon!

TYS: Are you/or do you find yourselves gaining fans/audience for this type of thing?

Lori: Definitely! We have a very engaged Instagram following, and we have almost 2,000 views on our first episode. 

Missy: YES! It is so exciting to see the numbers increase every second on our YouTube page and Instagram!

TYS: Do you have any goals with doing so/these parodies?

Lori: My goal is to get as many views as possible, and to make strong business connections for future episodes. Eventually, if we have enough views, I would like to approach my list of potential companies about corporate sponsorship/product placement.

Missy: My goal is for this to be a success! I can really see this series taking off and expanding to bigger things :) 

TYS: What is it about the show that made you want to do this?

Lori: Resembling Ellie Kemper was a big part of it. I also wanted to explore the idea of Kimmy and Xan becoming roommates because I love their dynamic on the show. And anyone who knows me knows that I love LA, so this was such a wonderful opportunity for me to showcase my favorite place.

Missy: The show is absolutely hilarious. I can watch it a million times and not get sick of it. I love how it takes place in NYC, because I am a Jersey girl, but now living in LA, it makes a perfect LA version parody!

"My goal is for this to be a success! I can really see this series taking off and expanding to bigger things"-Missy.

TYS: Why do you think Kimmy  is so likable?

Lori: I think people love Kimmy because of her positivity, strength, and confidence. She has such a positive outlook on life, and doesn't let the terrible thing that happened to her define who she is or who she can become.

Missy: I think a lot of people can relate to Kimmy in one way or another. The show really focuses on the strengths of females and I think a lot of people can look up to Kimmy and can be inspired by her. 

TYS: Have any actual cast members reached out to you?

Lori: We've reached out to them! I had an opportunity to meet Jane Krakowski and Lauren Adams at an industry event with the cast. Then the next night, Missy and I got to meet Andrew Ridings, Sol Miranda, and Ellie Kemper at a fan event. When I told Ellie about the series and my resemblance to her, she said she could certainly see it when I smiled, and she was eager to check out our LA version of the show. I've also recently connected with the puppeteer Dana Morgan who did the opening sequence for Episode 4. We've been exchanging emails and hopefully we will meet up when I'm in NYC later this summer.

Missy: Well, not reached out to us, but we sure were able to reach them in person! Lori and I were able to attend an event and afterwards, we were able to speak to some of the cast members. Ellie was most excited to check out our version of the show, which is AMAZING! And of course we got to take pictures too :) 

TYS: Favorite Unbreakable moment from the show?

Lori: Haha I think one of my favorite moments is when Jane Krakowski's character Jacqueline Voorhees says to her son, "Actually, Buckley, this isn't your worst birthday ever. Your worst birthday ever was when you busted my genitals." I love that the show goes there. It's humor I can truly appreciate.

Missy: Oh man, it is hard to choose!!! Since I love Kimmy and Xan, it has to be the moment Xanthippe says, "I've been googling you" and Kimmy says, "You have? I didn't feel it" 

TYS: How much fun are you having doing this?

Lori: So. Much. Fun! During our last business meeting, I actually air-quoted the word "work" when discussing plans with Missy. It doesn't feel like work at all because it's all been fun.

Missy: TOO MUCH! This project truly makes me happy and I am so thankful for this opportunity. 

TYS: Any challenges you find yourselves facing? If so, how are you over coming them?

Lori: It just feels like there are endless things to do and endless things I want to do. The biggest challenge for me is finding a work-life balance - that's something that's really important to me, but it's been hard to find that balance for a job that requires my attention around the clock.

Missy: The biggest challenge for me is just finding a work/life balance. I work full time at Apple, and wish I could work on this project ALL THE TIME :( 

"I love that the show goes there. It's humor I can truly appreciate"-Lori
TYS:  If you could give Kimmy one piece of advice it would be....?

Lori: I would tell her to move to LA. That's my advice for everyone, especially to people who aren't tied down. I love it here.

Missy: Well, Lori's advice was to tell her to move to LA, and I would have to agree 100% with that :) 

TYS: If Tina Fay is reading this you want to tell her....? What? 

Lori: That I have a great idea for a quick skit (perfect for a daytime talk show or late night show!) that would feature her cast and ours. Also, thank you for casting Ellie Kemper in a lead role!

Missy: Thank you for casting Ellie Kemper in a lead role, she is absolutely perfect! And obviously to check out our series :)

Well, Web TV just got a little more creative & a little more funnier.