Pretty Please Nail Polish: A Posh Polish Idea

Nail Polish is a girl's BFF. No matter your age, nail polish is always a good idea & a good accessory! Think about if you could design your own nail polish color, name it, & bottle it up! How cool would that be?

Pretty cool! & luckily, Pretty Please Nail Polish already invented this posh polish idea. Its so true. As the nail polish brand states their concept is as easy as 1. 2. 3. Pick your color. Name it. & Bottle it up for yourself or for a gift.

Just who is Pretty Please Nail Polish? PPNP was dreamed up by a fashion design educated women named, Sara {Ricklen}Atler who traded in her textile career passion to pursue this inventive idea. Currently, the brand {run from NYC since 2011} is doing phenomenal as even the domestic diva, Martha Stewart took notice of this pretty little idea.

Well, Miss Martha you're not the only one to scout out a clever inventor & on-the-rise brand--The Yellow Spectacles sat down with Sara and got the lacquer on what PPNP is all about! Read below...

The Yellow Spectacles: What would you like non-customers to know about Pretty Please?

Sara: With Pretty Please you pick a nail polish color and name it yourself! Yes, YOU get to name it! The names are half the fun of picking out nail polish colors anyway (right!?) and now you can pick from 26 pretty colors and name your favorite shade for a party favor, a milestone, a gift, or just because! It’s the perfect personalized gift for the nail polish loving gal!

The Yellow Spectacles:In your opinion why is this business so brilliant?

Sara:Wow, “brilliant”! Thank you! 
With so many nail polish colors to choose from (and there are many!), I thought it would be fun to take something we already love and find a way to make it feel unique and personal. When it comes to a special occasion, like a bridal shower for example, you want a favor that will really represent the day and the bride. Sure, you could get a great nail polish off the shelf and throw it in a gift bag, but there is something about seeing your name, personalized on a bottle, that shows thought, effort and love. It feels fun and makes the recipient feel special. You want to create a connection between a customer and a product and I think Pretty Please does that, well.

The Yellow Spectacles: In college, was creating a mega-nail polish line always in the back of your mind?

Sara:No, I have a degree in Apparel Design! The idea for Pretty Please came to me when I was 10 years out of college and looking for a unique gift for my mom. I came up with the idea to name a nail polish in her favorite color, picked a fun name, and went searching online to order my gift. When I couldn’t find a personalized nail polish company anywhere, I saw a hole in the market and decided to create the nail polish myself. It was a process, but I ended up with the right business, at the right time.

The Yellow Spectacles:. Prior to building Pretty Please did you have any similar work experience/training?

Sara:When I came up with the idea for a personalized nail polish company, most of my professional life had been spent working in Executive Search, not finance, packaging, printing, website development, social media, or the beauty industry (all of which would have been very helpful). I had to learn everything, and I mean everything, from the ground up. 

"An idea that might sound crazy or mediocre to someone else could be the idea that changes your entire life."-Sara

The Yellow Spectacles:Three words to describe PPNP?

Sara:Girly, Fun, Unique.

The Yellow Spectacles: What is one thing you'd like to do to continue to grow?

Sara:We started shipping internationally last October but have been so busy with orders and partnerships in the U.S. that promoting the brand overseas has taken a back seat. This Fall we will rev up our PR and Marketing abroad.

The Yellow Spectacles:So, Martha was your first big break....can you explain?

Sara:Martha’s team actually reached out to me! It was an important moment of validation for my business.

"When I couldn’t find a personalized nail polish company anywhere, I saw a hole in the market and decided to create the nail polish myself"-Sara.

The Yellow Spectacles: The most popular color people tend to create is....?

Sara:Color #5. I think it’s a popular pick because it’s fun and feminine and it’s often used for wedding related events.

The Yellow Spectacles:Any advice for unique nail polish names?

Sara:We have an “Inspiration” section on the website to help with that exact question! It’s fun to create a nail polish name in theory but it’s not always easy! My top naming tips are: 

INCORPORATE A NAME OR DATE ("Nat Says "I Do" on 2-22")


PUN AWAY ("Paint the Town Wed")


You can find more examples here!

The Yellow Spectacles: One nail polish color that is spot on for summer?

Sara:I’m loving Color #25. It’s a bright purple – close to a neon – but it goes with everything and adds such a fun pop of color to every look.

The Yellow Spectacles:. One color that will never go out of style?
Sara:Color #4! It’s a classic. Who doesn’t love red?

The Yellow Spectacles: Ever think of doing a Pretty Little Liars color-Inspiration polish? lol

Sara:Um, YES!!! I would totally bring my “A-Game” to that polish. I met the costume designer at a party over 4th of July weekend and almost fell off my chair. I'm 16 at heart.

The Yellow Spectacles: In five years you hope this business will be...?

Sara:A go-to nail polish brand in the wedding industry for proposals, party favors, and everything in between!

The Yellow Spectacles:Advice for fellow creative thinkers and do-ers?

Sara:You never know where your vision will take you. An idea that might sound crazy or mediocre to someone else could be the idea that changes your entire life. 
It’s not easy to put yourself out there, make yourself vulnerable and sell an idea or product in the public eye, but if you believe in something, and you enjoy it, you just have to try! You look at businesses (especially through the eyes of social media) and success can seem so easy, but it’s not. We all started somewhere. So can you!

Mmmm. now go and pick your polish! @prettypleasegal #prettyplease

Give Away.! Hurry to enter a chance to design your own Pretty Please Nail Polish. Contest posted on Instagram Account for Rules and Regulations. Contents ends Friday at Midnight Eastern Time. One winner will be announced  Saturday August 15. Good Luck!