Goodees & The Yellow Spectacles: Blog Collaboration


Can we talk? Rather can we shop? The Yellow Spectacles has had the privilege to work with some great brands & businesses in the past. This blogger brand collab is no different with the affordable preppy brand called, Goodees.

Turtle Logo!

If you have never heard of Goodees you should really visit their site. As all of their American made apparel is high quality, but cost effective too.  
100% Cotton Washed Twill 

Really, I was genuinely surprised when I received a tangy tangerine ball cap & a lilac Goodees tee. The quality was great--my favorite part was the leather strap on the back of the tangerine cap!

Made in the USA

Goodees is good, but their beginning is even better. They were founded by both college students & recent college  graduates who wanted to bring affordable preppy clothes to the mass market.

While their items for sale are in limited supply currently, they will soon be launching more apparel to their growing customers. Whenever you purchase  a Goodees goodie know that it was made here in the USA & that their cute little turtle logo is on all their garments.

P.S. they have stickers too!


Currently, I am rocking my ball cap,  I am thinking...make that loving the Goodees pull-overs which will be great come this fall. Check out all the Goodees goodness for yourself.!

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  1. Great post! I love learning about and supporting small local businesses....especially when they offer such cute and (my) style friendly options! The turtle logo is definitely a reason for purchase LOL. Thanks for sharing the Goodees goodness LOL.

    Choose to make today great!
    xo- Jessica

    1. Dear Jessica,
      Thanks so much for your kind words...means a lot.-Katelyn

  2. Your hat is adorable, I will definitely be checking out this brand!
    xo, Syd