Red, White, & New: Stripe Collaborative Post with Prep for a Day

Happy Fourth of July Americans & America. In anticipation for the Fourth's festivities The Yellow Spectacles (myself) has collaborated with a preppy blogger, Tori & her inspirational blog,called,  Prep for a Day.   (A must read blog--add it to your list!)

What can you expect from the partnership? Well, a little Stars & Stripes & a few chic outfits staples to make this 4th extra special nice.

Tori & I decided to collaboratively come up with our own stripe inspired look(s) that is ideal for America's big birthday bash.

Maybe you'll find a little of your very own holiday inspiration here? Be sure to let us both know if you do!


If you're loving my stripe inspired look the pieces were purchased from a variety of retailers:

  • JC Penny's (last season) Amour T-Shirt
  • Navy Kicks (last season) Target
  • Stripped pants TJ Maxx 

A Festive Platter!


  1. Love your striped pants! I also loved working with you--I look forward to doing it again sometime!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day

    1. Awe, Thank You! Yes, Certainly you name we'll do another collab again!

  2. I love this look!! Happy Fourth of July!