Punk Post: The Writer's Must Download App

Hand-Sketched Card Illustrations 

Being a writer isn't easy. For one, everything has gone digital. Good? Not always. Now anyone can be a writer whether you're a foodie blogger, have a Tumblr page dedicated to your four cats & their daily activities, or you like to keep your fellow Instagram followers informed with daily captions that accompany your bathroom selfies--so, yes, anyone can be a writer.

What makes one writer standout from another is yet to be determined. So, anyone can be a writer.?.. Good for you, but possibly bad for me --an English: Writing college degree holder!

Regardless, of my personal thoughts about lucid social media writers & celebrity authors there is one awesome app that every writer needs to download ASAP. And EVERYONE is a writer right??


The ultimate writer's app is called, PUNKPOST (which is free on the iTunes & Google Plus App Stores.) So what is this nifty new app that all need to get?

Basically, the idea behind the writing madness is a way for people to revolt against texts instead of handwritten letters sent via the-pony-express.

"Punkpost is a community of writers, artists, and designers who want to help you send handwritten cards"-Punkpost.co. 

Best part about the app--there is no actual writing involved as PunkPost transcribes your texts messages into beautifully scripted handwritten letters & then pairs the message with equally charming illustrations. You can customize & add thoughtful details too.

Your message masterpieces will then be stamped and mailed anywhere you'd like them to go. No really, there is a little person inside the app that actually writes out your cards and mails them the next day--hey, you'll even get a photo of your finished card as it ships out!

Ideally, this app is a blogger and creative mind's dream-come -true. Indeed, this app is for the creative's at heart, but it can also come in handy for those forgetful folks.

You can set up your account to give you birthday & card-worthy event dates reminders so you'll never send another belated "I'm sorry I forgot your B-Day" text again. That's just embarrassing...let Punkpost do the work!

I discovered this writer's app, because I am always on the hunt for fun, fresh, & exciting things/topics. Stumbling across the Brit & Co's 7 Apps That Make Sending Snail Mail Easy was how I was able to discover Punkpost.

"Punkposts makes for meaningful moments that just can't be replicated with an email, text, or Facebook message" Brit & Co

Luckily, I haven't forgotten the lost art of sending stationary through the US Postal Service, but just in-case you have click download. You're first card's cost is on them!

Feel free to use it to send me a "Thank You" card.


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