Dixie Delight: The Dixieland Collection Review

#Made in Dixieland

Just like mama used to make it is one of the many Southern phrases that the comfy cotton T-Shirt company, known as, The Dixieland Collection likes to exude. Since the collection's debut in 2014 they have grown and expanded their merchandise, clients, and southern phrases. 

I was so happy when my 100% cotton lilac mason jar logo Dixie Tee came in the mail for me to write this particular review on.
Bless Your Heart...Ain't a compliment
Everything about the shirt is sweet & soft. The 100% cotton material made this shirt feel like it has been my favorite go-to Tee  for a long while, but the the light purple shirt hue reminded me that it was in fact new!

A Belle always says, Thank You & Excuse me

The front is simple yet sweet with a little pocket sewn over the heart with the brand's logo stamped on front. Spinning around, you'll certainly turn heads as the back of the shirt sports,'The Dixieland Collection' inside a purple drawn mason jar with a large white flower. The whole look is utterly charming.

Dixieland is made in the USA
If you find yourself ogling this Dixie apparel feel free to saddle up & gallop over to their website as they have more soft color pallet Tees, fun tanks, & a new Sleeping Belle collection. Plus, every shirt comes with a Dixie rule sticker that can be displayed just about anywhere. 

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy monograms

You don't have to be an authentic Southern Belle to appreciate The Dixieland Collection's classy yet charismatic appeal. Of course, The Dixie's would appreciate it if you did put on some pearls with that Tee.!  

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  1. Love the color of this shirt!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day