Normally, this blog--The Yellow Spectacles is about celebrating creativity and showing readers what other creative entrepreneurs are pursuing. I like to think that I use this blog as a creative outlet, but also as a learning tool for others who have a creative streak, trade, or idea burning inside them. Its my hope to not only inspire myself, but others through the subjects I interview and feature.

Although, this blog is a reflection of me in someway--it encompasses what I love--writing, creating, and just being excited about life's little things  However, I never share personal agendas or thoughts on this site. It is important to note that this post and only this post will stray from my typical writing course.

I'd like to dedicate the month of May 2015 blog post to my grandpa.To be honest--I had a very different post planned for the month of May. May is my birthday month--a month when spring at it's fullest. I planned on featuring, The Confetti Bar, spotlighting happiness, celebration, parties, and confetti.

Unfortunately, life took a different turn as the last week of April my grandpa passed away. The day before he passed, he and my grandma celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary. He was 91. To say he lived a good, humble, and modest life would be an understatement. To say, 'well, he was 91... it was his time' would be hurtful. 

The relationship that my grandpa had with not only myself, his family, and his strong belief  in heaven is another understatement. I who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English: Writing cannot put (nor find) the right words to describe how much he has meant to me over the 24 years of my life.

Now, I can only use my lasting love and desire to say how great of a grandfather my grandpa was. If nothing else is taken from my website take away a peace of mind that kindness and seeking the good in others goes along way--that is how my grandpa lived his life . 

He will be everlastingly loved for it.

A Prayer for Grandpa.

 You were many things in your 91 years of life. You were a loving dad, a devoted grandpa, and a compassionate husband.

Even more so, you were a respectful neighbor, a good-natured man, and an honest soul. You weren't fancy, but just right. Humble and kind. Simple and sweet. That was you all the way through.

Thinking the best in people was just as much your strength as it was a weakness—you were brave more times than one and in many more ways that none.

Love for your family and God is what you have left behind. We cherish all of your little notes and our personal thoughts that we find.

You are no longer confined to your home, your room, oxygen tubes, and pain. We hope you’re swaying to your music, conversing with your mum, cooking chicken wings, and enjoying whatever beverages your wish—we all know the kind with whip cream was your favorite.

God gave us the best gift of YOU being a part of our family/and lives. If it wasn’t apparent or said when you were alive it is known now.

We love you and miss you terribly. You are home and safe that is for sure.
Forever and ever you’ll be a husband, a dad, and a grandpa.

When we speak of you and remember you, let it bring out the best in ourselves as your life represented what life was/is really about—faith, family, and love—with a dash of hot sauce. (Wink. Wink.)

Rest in peace, rest comfortable, and wait for us to come home.



  1. Its said that April showers bring may flowers...Katelyn you are the prettiest of flowers!

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