PetitePuf Cotton Candy: Not Your Typical Cotton Candy

Coachella & other summer festivals are just beginning. Therefore, you may be treating yourself to the sweetest treat that can be found on a stick--Cotton Candy. Cotton candy goes together with festivals & boardwalks as peanut butter does to jelly. However, a certain sweet company by the name of, PetitePuf Cotton Candy has been able to refine this fun fair themed treat.

Pippa Henrichsen Principal PetitePuf
PetitePuf Cotton Candy is not your typical fluffy spun sugar on a stick. No, they have taken cotton candy & have made it more sophisticated & whimsical. The company packages their candy creations in suave glass jars (sticks are still an option!). Their confections are so elegant that they appear at the likes of bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, & chic Sunday brunches to name a few. 

So, what's the secrete behind PetitePuf? How'd they get to be so gourmet? Check out this Yellow Spectacle exclusive! No dentists allowed. 

Yellow Spectacles: Cotton Candy--How did you see a opportunity in cotton candy?

PetitePuf: I have always loved loved loved sweets! (Seriously, you should see my candy cupboard at home!) Cotton Candy holds so many special childhood memories for me and the magic of it has always been so captivating! When I got married five years ago I was looking for the unique event services that we offer and my search turned up empty! Cotton candy came to mind so I got to brainstorming and the rest is history! PetitePuf offer a unique all-inclusive entertainment experience complete with decor and a spinning artist AND we offer special, organic, all-natural cotton candy flavors freshly spun at your next private event or party!

YS: What would you like others to know about cotton candy--there is the stereo-type that its a "fair food"

PP: We have put a new spin on traditional cotton candy! Gone are the days of pink and blue flavors! PetitePuf offers sophisticated and fun cotton candy like Chai, Mango Chili, Strawberry Lemonade, Salted Caramel and French Vanilla. Our Ingredients are Organic and All-Natural and we cater to private events, corporate parties and lots of weddings with our mobile cart. 

YS: What types of services would you like others to know you provide?

PP: Petite Puff offers a unique all-inclusive Event Services experience with our mobile event cart and handcrafted Classic and Signature cotton candy cones! We also offer beautiful Cotton Candy Keepsake Jars for gifts, takeaways, or thank you favors. Our PetitePuf Keepsake Jars and all-inclusive mobile Cart Event Services can be customized to match a theme or colors for your special day.

YS: How have you had such success growing your business?

PP: We have been fortunate to be based in a very food-forward city! Vancouver, BC. is so receptive to great new food trends and ideas! We are also very unique and visual event services and put a lot of emphasis on our customer service - which we think has been reasons to help us grow!

YS: Flavors? Do you guys have a favorite? And what's your biggest seller?

PP: My favorites are our Chai, French Vanilla, and our new Salted Carmel. (They are all sooooo good its hard to pick just one!) Other favorites are our Mango Chilli and Strawberry and our Twinkle Twinkle (Coconut covered with twinkly edible stars) is also very popular!

Mmmm....thanks to PetitePuf, cotton candy doesn't have to be the treat made only for unicorns &

princess fairies, but by all. What is your favorite flavor?