DIY: Angel Wings

Victoria Secret/Valentine's Day inspired DIY

Ok. Valentine's Day is the next holiday where it is acceptable to decorate. What is it? A bunch of hearts tied up in red and pink strings. Boring. Why not look to your inner angel (hey, cupid) and craft a pair of heavenly angel wings to tie to the back of a chair?

I went to the dollar store to purchase a pair of child's play fairy wings and a box of ruffled coffee filters. Next, I scored and folded each coffee filter and hot-glued it to the play wings--covering the entire thing. At the end, I added angelic pink ribbon and gems to finish the angelic look.

Angelic Wings 
While I was adorning the wings to my writing desk chair (with pink gingham ribbon) I couldn't help that these little wings reminded me of the wings that the Victoria Secret Angels get to wear as they glide down the runway.

After all,  why should the models get all the glamour? Yes, they are gorgeous, but now I've got my own pair of wings. Happy Valentine's Day Loves.

Victoria Secret replied to my creation via Twitter!


  1. I hope she produces this so we can purchase!
    For all those who want to be angels look no further than your desk chair.
    This could really dress up that boring work cubical!