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January 16, 2020

DIY Farmhouse Painted Book Stack

DIY Farmhouse Painted Book Stack

I first saw the chalk painted 'farmhouse' inspired stacked books at a craft show this past autumn. I have seen these painted stack books both with the writing on the book spin in either a stamp version as well as a handwritten version.

This past Christmas, I decided to make my own farmhouse-inspired painted book stack as a Christmas gift for my mom. I went with the handwritten option as I didn't have stamps.

It is a pretty simple craft to make.

You will need:

-Chalk Paint {White}
- Paint Brush
-Books {I got mine at the Dollar Store}
- Black Marker or Stamps

Step 1 Buy Your Books  

Step 2 Rip off front & back covers as well as spin cover 

So, after I went to the Dollar & Store & purchased four books, you have to remove the front, back, & spine cover. Yep, just rip them right off--sorry!

Next, painting time! I painted everything but the books' bottoms. After they dried, I went ahead & added the name's on the spine {write whatever you want!}.

Step 3 Paint 

Step 4 Added Text & Twine 

Then, I stacked the farmhouse-inspired books in the order I wanted & added my twine. I did hot glue the twine on the spines--this way, it will stay in place. I also went ahead & added a little gold sprig on top of the books.

That's it, making the farmhouse painted chalk books was pretty simple & added a great little boost to any winter decor. 

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